As Seen In DigitalCommerce360: The Lasting Implications of the Baby Boomer Migration to Ecommerce

For ecommerce brands, the pandemic-induced shift to online shopping represents an opportunity within a largely untapped market of online shoppers over 55.

In an article recently published in DigitalCommerce360, Senior Content Marketing Manager Heather Bien discusses the trends we’ve observed in Baby Boomer shoppers since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 — and the ecommerce habits we expect will continue long after we’ve seen shots in arms.

With the deep, real-time data available within the Resonate Ignite Platform™ at the individual level, we’ve seen that Baby Boomers are almost 14% less likely than the average American to say they’ll return to grocery shopping in-store post-pandemic. This is an audience that previously may not have utilized online grocery shopping but now that they’ve had a taste of the convenience, there’s no looking back.

Additionally, they’re 73% more likely than the average consumer to start a new virtual gym subscription (such as Peloton or Mirror) in the next 90 days. Their migration to ecommerce isn’t limited to Amazon purchases and Peapod orders — they’re ready to move their dollars and lives online.

Want more insights on who these Baby Boomer ecommerce shoppers are and what we can expect from them in a post-pandemic world? Read The Lasting Implications of the Baby Boomer Migration to Ecommerce on DigitalCommerce360 today.

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