Representation During the Holidays: Connecting with Consumers During Hanukkah

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Just in time for Hanukkah and 8 nights of latkes and sufganiyot, we’re taking a look at opportunities for Hanukkah-specific messaging in an advertising sea of red and green. Representation during the holiday season matters and, as a Forbes article stated, “61% of Americans find diversity in advertising important, and 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that do well with showing diversity in their ads.”

The takeaway here is: acknowledging Hanukkah in holiday advertising will benefit you twofold. First, you forge a connection with those who celebrate. Second, you build goodwill with consumers of all beliefs who appreciate inclusivity and diversity in advertising.

W’re going to help advertisers out with a peek into what might resonate with those consumers who celebrate Hanukkah.

They’re 45% More Likely to Travel During Peak Holiday Periods

Meanwhile, nearly 80% indicate family time is the best part of their day and they’re 12% more likely to value caring for family and friends — how can that factor into your creative? Think about the heartwarming, family-oriented messaging you already use in your Christmas-centric advertising. This is the season of togetherness and celebration, regardless of which holiday as at the center of your marketing.

They’re also 18% more likely than the average consumer to value tradition, which is critical knowledge in informing how you approach the holiday in messaging.

hanukkah advertising

Promote Your Green, Innovative Products This Season

Consumers who celebrate Hanukkah often prefer products that are sustainable and innovative — make this the year you emphasize your green offerings and strides to make your business practices more sustainable.

They’re 22% more likely to buy items on Cyber Monday so consider adding in Hanukkah messaging to your sales next year.

Additionally, they’re 18% less likely than the average American to say the cost of shipping influences whether to buy in store or online so don’t get too wrapped up in those free shipping offers.

Build Trust and Loyalty with All Consumers through Messages of Inclusion

And, remember, at the end of the season, including advertising and creative that acknowledges Hanukkah and other holidays that are celebrated this time of year, including Diwali and Kwanzaa, will do more than connect with those consumers who specifically celebrate these holidays. The message of inclusion will warm your brand to all consumers who value inclusion and diversity — and that’s a win year-round.

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