Delivering Consumer Intelligence-to-Activation in One Platform

This is the third in a series of blog posts that highlight—and provide a behind the scenes look into–the development and launch of Resonate’s newly enhanced HI-RES platform.

The release of Resonate HI-RES is a significant milestone in our history since it represents the true integration of intelligence and activation in one seamless platform. Resonate’s customers can now take the intelligence related to their audience and immediately activate against it.

The value proposition from a customer perspective is that our platform removes or bridges the longstanding gap between using data to define a target audience—and then connect with that audience online. So nothing gets lost in translation between the audience definition and the ability to reach that audience at scale. By doing both, Resonate HI-RES occupies a space of its own in the market.

“With the release of HI-RES, we now have a platform that gives you a complete understanding of your customers that is also actionable,” said Joel Pulliam, Resonate’s SVP & Chief Product Officer. “Other platforms in the market offer either data or activation, but not both. Our software makes it much easier for our customers to define and reach the audiences that matter most to them.”

“What’s most exciting about Resonate HI-RES is the fact that we’re closer than ever before to giving users the ability to create, analyze and actually activate at scale in one place, whereas they couldn’t before,” according to Bryan Gernert, Resonate’s CEO.

Resonate HI-RES is built on a single, integrated platform that combines the largest syndicated consumer market research in the US, analyses of more than 1 billion daily online consumer behavior events, advanced data science and digital media activation.

“A key differentiator of Resonate HI-RES is the ability to marry survey research with digitally observed behavior in one place,” said Andy Hunn, Resonate’s COO. “The combination of syndicated intelligence with on the fly analytics and activation provides customers with a one stop experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

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