Featured in AdvertisingWeek: Movers and Improvers: How Brands Can Prepare for America’s “Great Reshuffling”

Have you thought about moving during the pandemic? Have your home office walls felt like they are closing in on you? Are you in search of more space? Different space? A change of scenery?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you’re in good company.

Over 60 million U.S. online adult consumers have said they are currently considering a move or a major renovation. This is such a pivotal moment that Zillow has dubbed it the “Great Reshuffling” and Resonate’s Tim Hyzdu dug into the latest data on these movers in his just published article in AdvertisingWeek.

Connecting with Consumers Moving During the Pandemic

For brands eager to connect with these consumers, who will likely be spending money on home furnishings, improvement, and more in the coming months, it’s important to understand not just that they are moving, but why. What are the values driving this move? What type of products will they look for in their new home?

In the article, Hyzdu breaks down not only the broad audience, but looks into the nuances between gender and geography and how that plays into future consumption. Want to learn more? Read the article in AdvertisingWeek here.

moving during the pandemic

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