Featured in PhocusWire: The New Rules for Acquisition, Experience, and Loyalty in Travel

Resonate CMO Ericka Podesta McCoy recently wrote in PhocusWire about The New Rules for Acquisition, Experience, and Loyalty in Travel. The world is eager to jumpstart wanderlust again, and, McCoy points out, “As brands navigate which consumers are likely to book a quick overnight over versus who’s itching to jump on a plane to cross the country, or even overseas, it will be critical to target messaging based on travel readiness.”

So, how can travel and hospitality brands connect with both eager and apprehensive travelers in this make-or-break travel moment? By using accurate, granular data to target individuals and connect with them on a deeper level — one that makes them feel confident, safe, and secure in booking flights, hotels, and other places where they could be in close contact with large groups of individuals (something they may not have done in 15+ months!).

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Focus on Insights-Driven Acquisition, Experience, and Loyalty

In the PhocusWire article, McCoy writes about the best ways to connect with travelers and why speaking to both eager and cautious audiences is critical to bringing consumers through your doors, creating an experience that makes them feel comfortable, and encouraging them to book the next trip and the next. A few of the insights she cites include:

  • 15% of travelers say they’ll start traveling when they see others travel
  • 29% of eager travelers (i.e., those planning to travel this summer) book through travel sites when they want to get the best deals
  • 21% of both eager travelers and cautious travelers (i.e., those waiting until at least October to travel) say their likelihood to review a cancellation policy has increased
  • 37% of eager travelers are willing to pay more for luxury

Read the entire article in PhocusWire here for more data points on these travelers, as well as tips on how to connect with them.

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