New Research Reveals How Activism Influences Buying Behaviors

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Amid Rise in Social Awareness Movements, Resonate’s Consumer Intelligence Platform Provides a First-of-Its-Kind Breakdown of How Activism Influences Consumer Decision-Making

RESTON, Va., June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and intelligence, today unveiled a new report, “Resonate’s State of Your Customer Report: Navigating the Intersection of Brand and Consumer Values,” that provides extraordinary insights into the motivations and values that drive the growing segment of “Consumer Activist” shoppers. Such insights are particularly vital for brands as they seek to understand emerging consumer attitudes and behaviors in the current social and political climate characterized by social protests, the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. Presidential election.

Beyond providing an in-depth look at who today’s consumer activist shoppers are and what motivates their purchasing decisions, the report examines consumers’ activist attitudes and behavior toward specific issues and industries, including the automotive, health and beauty, and banking categories. In addition, the report breaks down generational tendencies with it comes to activist shopping across Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.

“In today’s revolutionary social climate, a growing segment of consumers is deciding which brands deserve their dollars based on the values they demonstrate as a company. These are today’s Consumer Activists,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “Connecting authentically with these society-minded individuals promises to be even more important today as the COVID-19 pandemic and fight against racial inequality prompt shoppers to carefully consider the impact their dollars have on the economy and the world around them.”

In order to reveal the core values behind today’s activist shoppers, Resonate tapped into its continuously updated, highly accurate consumer intelligence platform, which houses more than 13,000 attributes scaled to more than 200 million U.S. consumers. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning, Resonate analyzed the demographics, psychographics, behavior, motivations, values and media habits of people who are searching for content about topics including economic boycotts, #GrabYourWallet, OpenSecrets, the Buycott app and ethical consumerism. Key insights from the analysis included the following:

  • Auto: Activist auto shoppers are 52% more likely to feel guilty about their environmental impact and 25% more likely to criticize companies that they feel aren’t doing enough for the environment. They believe that donating money, giving incentives for green business and buying from green companies are the best ways to help the environment.
  • Health and beauty: Interestingly, consumers in the market for health and beauty products are not as concerned with brands taking a stand on social issues. They’re less likely to pay more based on important issues, and it’s not a dealbreaker if the company they’re buying from doesn’t donate to charity or listen to the public.
  • Banking: Today’s activist bank shoppers are 3X more likely than the average U.S. consumer to be highly engaged with advocacy issues, and their top charitable issues are poverty, animal rights and childhood obesity.

Read the complete findings of Resonate’s new State of the Consumer research, “Navigating the Intersection of Brand and Consumer Values,” here.

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Resonate is a pioneer in A.I.-driven consumer data & intelligence, delivering deep understanding, dynamic insights, cross-channel engagement and analytics in a single, simple-to-use SaaS platform. Resonate has deep consumer insights and contextually relevant data across more than 13,000 attributes, including values, motivations and other psychographics, describing more than 200 million U.S. consumers. Hundreds of companies have used Resonate to reveal and engage “The Human Element,” a 360-degree understanding of the individuals in their target audience that extends beyond traditional demographics, psychographics and behavioral data to uncover why consumers choose, buy or support certain brands, products or causes. Empowered with unparalleled insights, leading brands, agencies and organizations use Resonate to identify, engage and analyze these audiences, driving growth and increasing customer lifetime value.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Resonate is privately held and backed by Argentum Capital Partners, Revolution Growth, Greycroft Partners and iNovia Capital.

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