Put Your Ad Spend Where It Will Have Impact: Target These Swing Voters in 2022

Campaign dollars aren’t unlimited, so you need to put your money where it’s going to have the most impact. One surefire way to do that: target the swing voters whose opinions could be swayed. Tap into their top issues, appeal to their values and lifestyle, and put yourself in front of the channels where you know they’re consuming media.

In our latest report, we looked at one audience that is 91% more likely than the average American to be a swing voter: the Gen-X Asian American Urban Dweller. These are middle-aged voters who have high income, families at home, and are driven by achievement and recognition from peers. 43% of them identify as Independent, so whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you have a chance at winning over this constituency. They believe partisan politics and national debt are the top issues facing the U.S. and, if you’re worried about turnout, don’t be. They turn up at the polls for presidential elections. Scroll through the infographic below for more insights on this high-value voter group.

Want more insights on the voters who should be on your radar in 2022? Read our Win the Support of Multicultural Voters today to learn why it is more important than ever to use real-time data to connect with the human behind the ballot and why flat demographics won’t get out the vote.

asian swing voter - gen x asian american voters

asian swing voter - gen x asian american voters


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