Resonate Featured in Luxury Daily: More Retailers Should Cater to Millennial Moms This Holiday Season

Luxury Daily featured Resonate’s latest research on consumer data ahead of the holiday season. Speaking specifically to the luxury shopper, Ericka McCoy, chief marketing officer at Resonate, says “Luxury brands, more than other brands, need to ensure that they deeply understand their customers in order to choose and implement the right offers, messages, and experiences that will draw customers back to their physical stores.”

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The article speaks to their need for precautions — and which precautions they prefer — during the pandemic, their penchant for goods that convey social status, and an interesting point that speaks to the giving spirit of the holiday season. “Shoppers are also becoming increasingly socially conscious, considering how to be charitable during the holiday season. The on-the-go millennial mom shopper is 14 percent more likely to shop with companies that support the community and 24 percent more likely to prefer companies that donate to charities.”

“These shoppers are also 45 percent more likely to participate in a brand’s societal program and 30 percent more likely to pay more based on an important issue. Brands can be viewed in a more positive light when they show interest in charitable causes, including animal rights, cancer and illness research, childhood hunger and more.”

Read the entire article, as well as learn how this data relates to luxury department stores like Saks, in Luxury Daily here.

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