Resonate Launches New Solution to Help Political Campaigns Pop Media Bubbles Using AI-Driven Data

Yahoo Blog October 2022

Data Firm’s Proprietary Advertising Offering Enables Candidates and Causes to Establish Counter-Narratives in the Era of Echo Chambers

RESTON, Va., Oct. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-powered data and intelligence, today announced the launch of its proprietary media bubbles solution, designed to help political campaigns and candidates identify and reach voters who are trapped within problematic media echo chambers across digital advertising channels. Resonate has developed the capability to leverage the most advanced artificial intelligence to identify, analyze, and disrupt media bubbles in real-time. This solution enables campaigns to target and shift the conversation with key swing voters who are most likely to determine the outcome of this year’s contentious midterm elections.

“Campaigns can no longer rely on the ‘party vote.’ Media bubbles have created private channels in our political discourse. They are often used by partisan groups to effectively shield segments of voters from the opposition,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “Resonate’s AI-driven data enables campaigns to breach the media bubbles and engage these hard-to-reach voters in order to change the conversation and impact their vote. This can fundamentally shape the outcomes of this year’s midterm elections.”

A media bubble is a defined segment of people who consume one type of content with intensity and are isolated from content outside of that specific view of the world. In an increasingly polarized world, each media network risks becoming an echo chamber. Media bubbles don’t only exist on the fringes; they span the entire spectrum of media outlets, with each channel catering to its viewers by delivering news they want to hear, through the lens they are pre-disposed to believe.

One example of voters trapped in a seemingly impenetrable media bubble are swing voters in Alabama. There are voters, known as “non-obvious Democrats,” trapped in a conservative news media bubble. However, leveraging Resonate’s AI-driven media bubble solution, they could swing left. In fact, 26% of these voters voted for Barack Obama in 2012, and 56% are pro-choice. When Resonate’s data and insights into these voters was recently used to battle the echo chamber media bubble, these voters shifted to left-leaning browsing by 30%.

To build these proprietary media bubble segments, Resonate leverages its best-in-class AI-data engine, which combines data from the nation’s largest continuous voter survey, including questions related to today’s most relevant political and policy issues, with behavioral data at scale. Machine-learning algorithms enable Resonate to yield thousands of individual-level insights on every eligible voter, including party, policy positions, preferred voting method, psychological drivers, personal values and more. Lastly, Resonate uses AI to cluster and segment the eligible electorate based on a range of media consumption, characterized into right and left media segments, resulting in where campaigns and candidates can reach voters to disrupt the narratives occurring within the media bubbles.

Learn more about Resonate’s proprietary approach to breaching media bubbles here.

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