Resonate Unites Groundbreaking Gen AI with Industry-Leading SaaS Solution to Accelerate Data Analysis & Insight Discovery

Resonate transforms the data marketplace with rAI

Consumer intelligence pioneer launches AI Insights by rAI, which instantly analyzes and identifies the most statistically promising data to leverage in audience development & activation

RESTON, Va., Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the pioneer of AI-driven consumer data and intelligence, today unveiled AI Insights by rAI, a first-of-its-kind solution that applies groundbreaking generative AI capabilities to unparalleled consumer datasets to reveal precisely which consumer insights are most likely to move the needle for the organization. This new technology forever changes how insights, data, analytics, and media professionals identify the most critical data attributes when defining audiences for research, segmentation, persona development, predictive modeling and targeting.

AI Insights by rAI applies groundbreaking generative AI capabilities to instantly analyze thousands of consumer attributes to reveal those most critical to include in the audience definition to ensure more effective targeting and engagement. This process is significantly faster and more effective than traditional research and analysis techniques. It eliminates bias and promotes discovery of key defining data criteria. It uncovers what’s most important in the following way:

  • AI Insights uses rAI to scan thousands of Resonate Elements to identify those that are most statistically relevant;
  • The AI-powered analysis evaluates both index and percent composition for each attribute to determine which attributes will distinguish the audience in meaningful ways​;
  • AI Insights by rAI leverages generative AI to group and categorize attributes into logical collections and automatically writes descriptions for each category.

This solution is a game changer for insights and analytics professionals as it reduces analysis time by 90%, eliminates bias and enables discovery of hidden attributes that impact understanding. Agency strategy, research, and analytics professionals gain efficiencies and better differentiate their pitches and campaigns.

“With AI Insights by rAI, Resonate is completely upending the process of audience creation as it’s existed for decades,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “We’re taking a process that, even just earlier this year, would have required 40 analyst hours and reducing it to less than five minutes, while creating more compelling and higher-performing audiences for acquisition, upsell and retention.”

“Conventionally, analysts begin with basic assumptions, demographics, and other known entities,” Gernert added. “However, those starting points may not yield the most differentiated audience or the most valuable insights, meaning that important nuances remain undiscovered. Conversely, AI Insights by rAI doesn’t start with assumptions. It starts with the entirety of what Resonate knows about more than 230 million U.S. consumers across 14,000 attributes and uncovers the most relevant consumer insights possible. Then it helps marketers analyze and interpret them.”

The path to AI Insights by rAI has been a multi-stage journey for Resonate. Most recently, in May, Resonate unveiled its most advanced AI neural network to date, rAI. Pronounced “Ray,” this groundbreaking AI modeling infrastructure transforms vast sums of raw data into rich, continuously updated attributes to depict a comprehensive understanding of 230 million consumers. rAI generates the industry-leading Resonate Elements consumer data set and delivers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively model data to meet any unique company requirement.

Now, with AI Insights by rAI, Resonate is uniting the power of rAI with its Resonate Ignite Platform, the company’s industry-leading SaaS solution that allows customers to directly analyze and act on insights from the proprietary, privacy-safe Resonate Elements data set together with any first-party data set. ​Leveraging the latest in generative AI capabilities, the solution enables marketers to instantly identify the most relevant attributes of an audience and create a compelling narrative around which to build the organization’s messaging, media campaigns, and any number of other vital customer-facing initiatives.

“AI Insights by rAI is an extremely powerful tool,” said Steve Lybrand, SVP of Planning at Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, now PMG. “When I first tried AI Insights, I also researched the same topic on my own and found that the most relevant insights from my work were very similar to what rAI presented. If I had just trusted the AI from the start, I would have saved a lot of time. This is an exciting development, and I think Resonate will continue to be core to what we do. It makes us much more efficient, which is a big takeaway.”

Since 2008, Resonate has pioneered new ways to help marketers access, analyze, and act on unparalleled consumer data. AI Insights by rAI is the company’s latest milestone on its path to wholly disrupting the dated, expensive, and time-consuming traditional market research process.

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