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[Infographic] Get to Know 44 Million Bank Switchers

44 million U.S. consumers are planning to or could be persuaded to switch banks in the next year. This presents a massive opportunity for bank marketers and agencies with banking clients to connect with current customers and prospective customers who could be on the fence. The key to more meaningful engagement is to have a […]

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[Video] How Insights Guide A More Effective Acquisition Strategy

Companies want to acquire more high-value customers but don’t know who they are, where to reach them or what content engages them. Resonate’s deep consumer insights help companies segment customers dynamically and uncover their values and motivations. They are then able to develop the right kind of messaging for the right channels. Watch the video […]

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[Infographic] 3 Steps to Boost Your Customer Acquisition

In this age of the customer, acquisition strategies need to focus on creating stronger, longer lasting connections with consumers. And the key to more meaningful engagement is having a deeper understanding of today’s shoppers, including the values and motivations that guide their daily decisions. Here are three insights-driven steps for successfully reaching and engaging with your prospective […]

Your Plan for Conquesting Amazon’s 190M Customers

Merriam-Webster defines a “frenemy” as “one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.”  It may sound like something out of the movie, “Mean Girls,” but really it emerged in the 1950s to describe the complicated U.S.-Russia relationship. Many retailers and apparel brands describe their relationship with Amazon on frenemy terms. For […]