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Beyond Cardboard Personas

The 3 Keys to Moving Beyond ‘Cardboard’ Personas

Many of the targeting strategies used by today’s marketers fall into “the uncanny valley,” a phrase coined by Masahiro Mori over 40 years ago to describe the strong aversion people feel when observing a robot or computer-generated image. Marketers aim to deepen the emotional appeal of their communications, but these attempts have used proxies of […]

YouTube Changes: The Details and What It Means to Agencies and Advertisers

In a significant, but quiet announcement published on Google’s Inside AdWords blog, Google released plans to limit the use of cookies and pixels on YouTube and remove the option for third party data targeting within the environment. This is a big – and exciting – change to YouTube’s tracking and targeting, and one that can […]

Advertiser’s Mandate In The Age Of Ad Blocking: Blend In

This column, written by Pat LaPointe EVP at Resonate, originally appeared in MediaPost – Media Daily News September 9, 2015.  Consumers are increasingly constructing their own digital “content cocoons.” From their Facebook network to apps for their favorite stores, consumers exert more control over the content and messages they are exposed to than any time in […]

Report Highlight: GigaOm Research on Customer Targeting

In the recent report “Customer Targeting: Beyond Demographics and ‘Likes’,” GigaOm Research analyst Paul Sweeting evaluates several obstacles that marketers face when trying to be more relevant to customers. These include: Audience targeting and programmatic ad delivery platforms that do not meet the needs of Brand Marketers Lack of automation in qualitative insights Need for […]

Behind the Scenes on Beauty Brands

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” – Coco Chanel The beauty of today’s women may not start wars a la Helen of Troy, but a battle does exist among the beauty brands looking to win over female consumers. Women […]

8 Similarities Between Olympics Viewers and Olympians

Though it’s hard to rival the popularity of Vancouver’s live games four years ago, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi still experienced notable viewership. In addition to feelings of patriotism for your competing country and a sense of belonging to the universal dialogue on the Olympics, people tuned in to these gladiator games because they […]

Resonate Social Adds a New Dimension to Facebook Advertising

For the first time, marketers can understand and act on the motivations of Facebook users. RESTON, Va.— (YAHOO FINANCE) — Resonate, the only company that empowers marketers to act on why people make decisions, today launched Resonate Social for Facebook, bringing motivations-based targeting and analytics to the social media giant for the first time. Brands, […]

The Launch of Resonate Analytics

By Andy Hunn, COO When we began our journey building Resonate in 2008, we were trying to answer one simple question: how can you understand people online based on their values and beliefs rather than simple demographics? We knew from politics the power of this richer understanding of people that had been used to great […]

Resonate Named as a Best Place to Work in Virginia

RESTON, VA — (Marketwire – Feb 1, 2013) — Resonate, the only advertising technology company that gives marketers the ability to target audiences based on people’s values, was recently named as one of the 2013 Best Places to Work in Virginia. The annual list of “Best Places to Work” was created by Virginia Business and Best Companies Group. […]

More Mars/Venus Data That Should Resonate With Super Bowl Advertisers

Jan 31, 2013  By Mike Daly, adotas.com  An overwhelming amount of ad execs will tell you that the way they target their ads is based on demographics. We all know it’s been a longstanding practice in the industry, but how far is getting them?  New data from Resonate takes a look at the values of […]