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INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Ad agencies facing new competition from consulting firms offering the same kind of creative services Growth of in-house shops as brands leave agencies Smaller, more agile shops successfully taking over major brands Calls for more trust and transparency from agencies are getting louder CLIENT CHALLENGES A top 10 global advertising agency wanted to […]

Agency Uprising Challenge Convention

Have a Plan for Adding New Services? We’ve Got One For You

There’s been a steady drumbeat of technology IPOs this year, with staggering valuations of software stocks. Recent IPOs are up an average of 28% in the last month alone versus the entire software market that’s up 13% in the same period, according to Investor’s Business Daily. If you’re an advertising agency, you’ve contributed to the […]

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Is it time for an agency uprising?

The answer is yes. Advertising and media agencies have been taking a beating. Ad Age and AdWeek are filled with stories about competition from completely new players, outdated agency models, a lack of talent and creativity and big firms losing their sway to smaller players. Sounds like it’s time for agencies to wake up and […]

Purchases in-store revenue

Convert your ad dollars into in-store revenue

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and convenient with the growth of mobile retail apps, retailers are struggling to maintain foot traffic in their brick and mortar stores and drive sales. Today’s consumers are looking for personalized shopping experiences and are rejecting the standard store layouts as a thing of the past.  As previously noted, […]

Why Digital Ad Spends Are Being Wasted and Why That Will Have to Change

When running a digital advertising campaign, you assume that the reported results by vendors are accurate and that you’re going to get a desirable outcome for your investment. Why would you have any reason to think that the results may not be a true reflection on the efficacy of your campaign or that you may […]

YouTube Changes: The Details and What It Means to Agencies and Advertisers

In a significant, but quiet announcement published on Google’s Inside AdWords blog, Google released plans to limit the use of cookies and pixels on YouTube and remove the option for third party data targeting within the environment. This is a big – and exciting – change to YouTube’s tracking and targeting, and one that can […]

Brand Safe Environments: Why That Matters and How to Find Them

It’s Monday on the Internet. Do you know where your ads are? Imagine this scenario. You are running a paid digital advertising campaign that promotes your content, which outlines critical information about your brand. Based on your strategy and spend, your ad will be served up on a variety of sites that are supposed to […]

Press Release

Resonate Releases Consumer Life Stage Data for Real-Time, Precision Targeting

Marketers can now engage consumers with the most relevant messaging during critical life transition periods RESTON, VA January 10, 2016 – Resonate, a leading provider of consumer intelligence-to-activation software, today announced the availability of new consumer life stage data to help marketers improve the accuracy of customer targeting during critical purchasing periods. For the first time, […]

Resonate Releases New Analytics Tools To Help Agencies Win New Business and Align Strategy, Creative and Media Teams

Audience Builder and Market Positioning deliver insights about brand’s current and potential clients via access to the nation’s most complete audience understanding platform May 06, 2014 10:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Resonate, the only company that empowers marketers to understand and act on why people make decisions, today added Audience […]

Actionable Measurement: Surveying Now Resonates With Google Too

By Chris Cox, Director of Client Strategy & Insight Google recently made headlines in the advertising world by announcing a partnership with comScore. This union will bring comScore’s VCE measurement suite to Google’s digital media products. According to Neal Mohan, VP of Google’s Display Advertising, the merger will deliver a “transparent currency for both marketers and […]