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What Makes Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales Shoppers Unique? Looking Beyond the Luxury Label

When you think of luxury department stores, many likely come to mind. We whittled down the long list and honed in on three upscale retailers. We discovered some surprising differences in the product preferences and personal values of these customers. While Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue sell many of the same brands and […]

Unlocking Customer Why

Unlocking the Elusive Consumer WHY

A look at how marketers can move beyond basic demographics and behavioral data to explore the human elements of their customers & prospects and create superior brand experiences.  Do you know your customers and prospects? You’re probably nodding your head yes. And to a certain extent, you’re right. We as marketers have come pretty far […]


Data Provider Carnival Games

Episode 1:  Step Right Up “Step right up and try your luck,” is a phrase employed by carnival barkers everywhere. It’s the ultimate call to action, suggesting your skill and luck can bring you stuffed animal victory. These games of “chance and skill” remind me of the data providers in our digital industry, in a […]

Data Accuracy

3 Steps to Data Accuracy Done Right

Not all data is created equal. Earlier in this blog series, we highlighted the prevalence of dirty data and some of the inconsistencies and inaccuracies that exist on even the most basic of consumer data points within DMPs and 3rd party data providers. Remember, this is the data you’re placing your trust in to help […]

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Facing the DMP Data Marketplace Yard Sale

So many choices, so many sellers and you never know if what you picked is any good… Have you ever been to a neighborhood yard sale? Wandering aimlessly from house to house, wondering what enticing things await you as you pick through endless tables of the same old odds and ends. You may be wondering […]

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Putting 3rd Party Data Providers to the Test

I was surprised to learn I could be so many people at one time! Disclosure: This is an actual experiment you can try for yourself. We’ll give you some links at the end of this blog. Take a peek – you might be surprised/amused/horrified at who marketers think they really are targeting.  DMPs and 3rd party […]

ANA Webinar

Webinar: How Underlying Consumer Values Impact Engagement

CreditLoan.com Shares their Success Story A-Z In a world of short consumer attention spans and proliferation of media channels, it is more important than ever that your message appeals to consumers’ core and identity – their values, beliefs, motivators and purchase drivers – in order to engage them as individuals and inspire them to convert. […]

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The Data-Marketing Trends To Be Aware Of

Last week’s SPARK 2017 conference hosted by TrackMaven focused on the future of marketing and how marketers can use data-driven strategies to create successful campaigns. At Resonate, we’re passionate about using our proprietary data to drive effective targeting and messaging strategies and I was eager to hear from others on how they incorporate data to improve […]

Credit card holder image

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Credit Card Holders: A Deep Dive Analysis

We took a look at credit card holders of the four major networks to identify the differences in their preferences and consumer behaviors. While American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa all offer a variety of credit cards, their card holders can’t all be targeted the same way. To increase relevance and engagement, businesses need to […]

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Resonate Tags: Truly Understand Your Site Visitors

Most brands feel they have a solid understanding of their customers and prospects. While the odds are that you probably know a lot, you could be missing the complete picture of who these people are and why they are motivated to engage and buy.  The good news is you can fill in the gaps by […]