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5 Steps-Data_Is_Legit

Is Your Data Legit? Here Are 5 Ways To Know For Sure

Third-party data is kind of like a C-list celebrity; it doesn’t have the best reputation. Publishers still need it to bulk up audience targeting efforts or for demo requirements. So that means data vendors must be able to show transparency and accuracy of its third-party data. Here are five questions to address with your data vendors: […]

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Have a Plan for Adding New Services? We’ve Got One For You

There’s been a steady drumbeat of technology IPOs this year, with staggering valuations of software stocks. Recent IPOs are up an average of 28% in the last month alone versus the entire software market that’s up 13% in the same period, according to Investor’s Business Daily. If you’re an advertising agency, you’ve contributed to the […]


Bad to the Bone – How Good Surveys Produce Bad Data

Imagine doing an online survey to get a better handle of your target audience and throwing out 20% of the responses. Crazy? Well actually if you’re not throwing out about that much, you’re probably using bad data. Resonate conducts many surveys per year and uses a proprietary “fraud score” to throw out 10-20% of what […]

Unlocking Customer Why

Unlocking the Elusive Consumer WHY

A look at how marketers can move beyond basic demographics and behavioral data to explore the human elements of their customers & prospects and create superior brand experiences.  Do you know your customers and prospects? You’re probably nodding your head yes. And to a certain extent, you’re right. We as marketers have come pretty far […]


Data Provider Carnival Games

Episode 1:  Step Right Up “Step right up and try your luck,” is a phrase employed by carnival barkers everywhere. It’s the ultimate call to action, suggesting your skill and luck can bring you stuffed animal victory. These games of “chance and skill” remind me of the data providers in our digital industry, in a […]

Data Accuracy

3 Steps to Data Accuracy Done Right

Not all data is created equal. Earlier in this blog series, we highlighted the prevalence of dirty data and some of the inconsistencies and inaccuracies that exist on even the most basic of consumer data points within DMPs and 3rd party data providers. Remember, this is the data you’re placing your trust in to help […]

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Putting 3rd Party Data Providers to the Test

I was surprised to learn I could be so many people at one time! Disclosure: This is an actual experiment you can try for yourself. We’ll give you some links at the end of this blog. Take a peek – you might be surprised/amused/horrified at who marketers think they really are targeting.  DMPs and 3rd party […]

Dirty Data

Deloitte Study Reveals Consumer Marketing Data’s Dirty Little Secrets

Take it from Deloitte: What 3rd Party Data Providers & Exchanges Aren’t Telling You Unless you are in direct response advertising, one could argue that “Precision” should be one of the many marketing “P’s.” We are all taught in Marketing 101 that we should be operating from accurate data in order to effectively target our […]

The Data Food Court Experience

Last time I talked about the recent trends of Farm to Table dining as it relates to data selection for marketers to create yummy marketing. Today, I’m going to focus on the food court model, and by extension, DMPs. Food Courts provide diner choice options that appeal to everyone and are centrally located to maximize […]

Report Highlight: GigaOm Research on Customer Targeting

In the recent report “Customer Targeting: Beyond Demographics and ‘Likes’,” GigaOm Research analyst Paul Sweeting evaluates several obstacles that marketers face when trying to be more relevant to customers. These include: Audience targeting and programmatic ad delivery platforms that do not meet the needs of Brand Marketers Lack of automation in qualitative insights Need for […]