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Bad to the Bone – How Good Surveys Produce Bad Data

Imagine doing an online survey to get a better handle of your target audience and throwing out 20% of the responses. Crazy? Well actually if you’re not throwing out about that much, you’re probably using bad data. Resonate conducts many surveys per year and uses a proprietary “fraud score” to throw out 10-20% of what […]

Coffee Competition: The real difference between Seahawks and Patriots Fans

As America gears up for Super Bowl Sunday, team banter has flooded our newsfeeds, airwaves, and living rooms. From “Deflategate” to Seattle’s winning streak, there is no shortage of speculation and prediction. But besides their choice of football teams, what really separates New England and Seattle fans? It turns out that the biggest difference between […]

A Marketer…Who Is a Mom

By Kellye Wishard, Marketing Director As a marketer, working for Resonate is something of a dream come true. I have access to incredible insights about people that takes personalized experiences to a whole new level. (And you, too, could have access to these insights with Resonate Analytics. Sorry, shameless plug.  I had to!) But it’s […]

Survey Says: The Value of Data Clean-Up

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director Ah, spring cleaning! Every once in a while it’s nice to conduct a grand cleanout – whether it’s at home, at work, or in a survey. With the release of Resonate’s newest wave of data, we’ve done just that! As we look towards making our data more transparent and more […]