The 2024 U.S. Elections: Resonate Reveals 10 Primary Voter Segments Critical to the Election Outcome

Data Firm’s Unique AI-Powered Segmentation Enables Discovery and Targeting of Voters Based on Key Decision-Making Issues This Primary

RESTON, Va., Feb. 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the pioneer of AI-driven voter data and intelligence, today released new research that identifies 10 unique voter segments that campaigns and candidates must consider as they enter the 2024 election cycle. These key voter segments are available for immediate activation across all media and digital channels, including CTV.

“The 2024 presidential election is one where a campaign’s ability to target segments of persuadable voters – swing voters, independents, segments of disillusioned voters on both sides – will be absolutely critical to victory,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “Targeting based on the voter file alone won’t result in the turnout you need. Understanding and targeting Voter segments like those in the 2024 Primary Voter Landscape is your key to victory. Only Resonate’s AI-powered voter data empowers candidates with the intelligence they need to target and engage voters based on what matters most to them right now. Your campaign is destined to fail without it.”

rAI, the Resonate AI data engine, which trains on four primary data sources including data from the nation’s largest continuous voter study, analyzed thousands of data points including those related to today’s most relevant political and policy issues, segmented the entire U.S. voter file into 10 U.S. Voter segments. These segments provide critical insight for voter analysis, campaign and media planning and media activation in any digital channel including social and CTV, as well as offline targeting via data append. The Resonate 2024 Primary Voter Landscape 2024 segments are:

  • Legacy Liberals (6.3% of U.S. population): Politically active, this group has a strong affinity for the Democratic Party and progressive values. They are liberal and support policies on gun control, women’s reproductive (abortion) rights, and environmental sustainability.
  • Social Justice Defenders (8.9% of U.S. population): Characterized by a strong alignment with Democratic Party values and liberal or progressive ideologies, this group’s perceived U.S. threats include former President Donald Trump, MAGA Republicans and White supremacists.
  • GOTV Democrats (13.4% of U.S. population): Generally aligned with Democrats, this group is less engaged with voting, focusing their energy on presidential elections and notably absent from local and non-presidential elections or primaries.
  • NextGen Changemakers (9.1% of U.S. population): Democratically leaning but with a notable independent presence, this is the youngest segment (and largest representation of Gen Z). They are more likely to be single, tend to be fully employed, and have moderate to high income. Ethnically diverse, this group includes more Hispanics and Asians than most others.
  • Influenceable Bystanders (8.9% of U.S. population): Ideologically this group is fairly balanced with notable representation across Independents, Democrats, and Republicans. Despite this, they are politically unengaged with most being unregistered voters.
  • Unregistered Disengaged Voices (11.3% of U.S. population): This group represents those who are politically unengaged and not registered to vote. They are most likely to have a high school education or less; be unemployed, a homemaker, or working part-time; and are among those most likely to be “blue collar.”
  • Issue-Driven Influenceables (22.7% of U.S. population): Ideologically this group is reasonably well-balanced across Independent, Democrats, Republicans, and other parties. Top concerns include cost of living, rising energy prices, and crime/violence or mass shootings.
  • Trump-et-eers (5.5% of U.S. population): Strong supporters of former President Trump, this Republican group is satisfied with his political policies and believe strongly that he should run in 2024. Issues they care about more strongly than others include illegal immigration and increased border security, maintaining their Second Amendment rights, affordable housing, and loss of online privacy.
  • America-First Patriots (10.1% of U.S. population): Decidedly conservative, this is the oldest Republican group with strong Boomer representation. While uncertain of their satisfaction with former President Trump’s personal behavior, they are more satisfied with his political policies than not.
  • Homefront Traditionalists (3.8% of U.S. population): With a strong affinity toward Republican ideology, this is a family-oriented group. They are notably more likely than any others to spend with places known for a pro-life position, which aligns with being the group most focused on pro-life issues.

Read the complete findings of Resonate’s 2024 Voter Landscape research here.

Resonate’s deep history in helping political campaigns identify and target niche voter audiences has manifested in a strong track record of candidate victories. The unique voter segments identified through Resonate’s unprecedented study are now available for targeting via the Resonate platform.

View the press release here.

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