Star Tribune Improves Audience Accuracy

The Star Tribune came to Resonate to differentiate itself in the market, scale ad sales revenue, maximize yields and increase retention rates by helping their advertisers better understand consumer audiences. Read More »

Consumer Lending Firms Improvement Engagement

Two consumer lending firms wanted to identify their best customers and discover how best to engage them based on their values and motivations. They also wanted a more effective process for converting them and ultimately reducing acquisition costs. Read More »

Grey New York Winning Client Pitches

Grey New York relies on consumer insights for its creative direction. In order to develop the most impactful strategies and client pitches, Grey started talking to Resonate to get insights that would reveal the values and motivations of its clients’ consumer segments. Read More »

Large Global Ad Agency Expands Business

A top 10 global advertising agency wanted to save time and find higher quality insights to become more strategic for their clients and increase performance in media activation. They had become frustrated by the quality of third-party data provided by traditional DMPs, as well as what they received in reporting and insights. Read More »

Luxury Retailer Turns Insight Into Performance

A luxury watch retailer wanted a better understanding of its best customers and to engage with similar consumers. The brand needed a segmentation strategy, and to quickly and cost-effectively engage those audiences. Read More »

Marijuana Advocacy Organization Persuaded to Win

In 2016, an advocacy organization wanted to identify and connect with Nevada voters who would turn out and vote YES on Question 2, a statewide ballot measure to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Nevada. Read More »