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What if you could run an in-depth research study with every person you engage with? Resonate Connected Profiles help you understand your customers and unknown prospects in a way you’ve never been able to do with traditional research providers. With 14,000+ attributes on more than 230 million unique profiles tied to over 550 million devices, Resonate Connected Profiles allow marketers to accelerate deep research insights directly into action. Plus, the Resonate Identity Graph connects these Connected Profiles to first-party web, mobile and offline data for use anywhere in a marketer’s ecosystem.

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U.S. Consumer Study

Resonate’s largest consumer independent research study with data fielded from a random sample of 100,000+ consumers. Questions ask the what that drives the why behind everyday consumer decisions.

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Identity graph

Resonate leverages an industry-leading cross device graph, our own identity graph and our Connected Profiles to unite a fragmented mobile and web ecosystem. Over 550 million devices reside in our graph, modeled nightly with 14,000+ attributes.

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