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These reports were designed to quickly answer common business questions and are shared easily –– even with colleagues who don’t have an Ignite login. Each curated report has a glossary included in the export that further explains the data in the report and how to interpret insights using the report’s metrics.

Traveling Millennials No Kids Introduction Report

Audience Introduction Report

The Audience Introduction Report gives you a high-level picture of what your audience looks like and who they are. This report provides light psychographic data in Top Personal Values and Top Psychological Drivers, as well as an idea of your audiences’ Daily Routine and Hobbies. Demographic highlights on where your audience over-indexes on various demographic attributes are provided. Look to the Demographics Report for a full demographic breakdown.

Personal Values Report

The Personal Values Report explains the why behind people’s everyday decisions by uncovering what makes us the most human – our values. Use these insights to inform everything – your go-to-market strategy, your customer segmentation strategy, your content strategy, and more. Our Personal Values attributes are based on the work of social psychologist, Shalom Schwartz, who created the “Theory of Basic Human Values.” Schwartz proposes that there are universal, basic values across cultures that reflect people’s motivations and guiding principles in life.

Traveling Millennials Demographics Report

Demographics Report

The Demographics Report provides a full demographic break down to explain more about who makes up your audience. With this comprehensive insight into your audiences’ demographic composition, you will have a better and deeper understanding of who you are targeting. The report also helps you quickly identify the key demographics for your audience. With this comprehensive insight into your audiences’ demographic composition, you will have a better and deeper understanding of who you are targeting.

Traveling Millennials Brand Affinity Report

Brand Affinity Report

The Brand Affinity Report provides you with a list of brands that are popular with and loved by an audience. This easy-to-generate, powerful report helps you create a fuller picture of what people in your audience are like. Looking at these insights, you’ll be able to answer questions about your audience such as, “What apparel brands do they wear and do they like Adidas better than Nike?” or “When traveling, at which hotels do they stay?”

Traveling Millennials Media Consumption

Media Consumption Report

The Media Consumption Report provides you with a comprehensive report to help you understand what an audience watches (show & networks, streamed shows), how much time they spend online, on social media and in front of their TVs, and what apps they use on their mobile devices.


Category Affinity Report

The Category Affinity Report provides you with an understanding of the type of websites your audience is engaged with, and how much of their overall online behavior those groups of sites account for.

Site Affinity Report

The Site Affinity Report shows you a list of websites survey audiences frequently visit. The Site Affinity Report can help you identify where to find your audience online so you can make better-informed decisions for your targeting and ad-buying strategy. Looking over the report will also give you an additional understanding of what types of content people in your audience are interested in.

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