The Human Element

Deep Consumer Insights at a Person Level

While many companies provide static research and generic data or proxies, at Resonate, we deliver what we call the Human Element. The Human Element is a proprietary, holistic understanding of a person that starts with their values and motivations—what makes us the most human—combined with their digital and physical experiences—how they live their life—to reveal the what behind the why. Think of the Human Element as your carefully crafted personas brought to life in full dimension.

With the Human Element, you’re able to get consumers from click to customer faster because you know what’s most important to them right from the start. Your connections with customers become stronger as you use Resonate insights to deliver more resonant content, messages and experiences. Loyalty continues to grow, even as your customers change, because our insights are updated continuously to reveal the most up-to-date Human Element.

By understanding the why that underpins what people do, organizations can develop stronger, longer lasting customer relationships that increase customer lifetime value and spark true love of brand.

How does Resonate help Marketers create unbreakable relationships?

What do you have to know about other people to feel truly connected to them?

What does it mean to be human?

  • The right insights build connections between brands and humans

Ready to Understand Humans?

It’s time to understand the why that drives the what behind consumer decisions.
Let us help you tap into the Human Element.

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