We know more than who people are and what they do. We know why they do it—and we use those insights to drive better results for our agency partners.

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We enhance your understanding of your client’s audience with unique insights about their motivations, media consumption habits, online behaviors and thousands of other dimensions.

Then we put your message in front of them – wherever they are online.

How We Move the Needle


Increased Personality index

Productivity vs. Personality

A global computer company wanted to find out if its product–a tablet that functions as a notebook–appealed to consumers more for work or play. Resonate replicated the company’s proprietary typing tool through our Custom Insights and tagged the client’s purchase funnel to provide the answers.

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Resonate ranked top performer by ROI

Discovering the Motivations

A major pharmaceutical company observed differences in marketing effectiveness in geographic markets and wanted to explore a regional messaging strategy. Resonate identified discrete factors driving treatment strategies and adherence by DMA and integrated learnings directly into media campaigns.

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Why use Us?

We deliver more than the expected KPIs, without any extra work on your part.

Reason #1

Better results from better targeting and ad delivery

Reason #2

Delivering against KPIs while uncovering new audience insights

Reason #3

Robust capabilities like brand safety, audience privacy and optimization

Reason #4

Optimize by knowing exactly what is driving results

Reason #5

Get reporting that goes far beyond the usual metrics


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