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Better pitches from better consumer data

And a deep understanding of consumers comes from fast, efficient access to rich, relevant, up-to-the-moment data. We empower agency leaders to win more business, retain clients, expand contracts, and increase revenue through AI-driven, privacy-safe insights across industries.

Increase your win rate

Become and expert in any industry instantly to create perfect pitches every time.

Retain & expand existing clients

Blow them away with insights on any audience. Build on their first-party data & discover new opportunities.

Increase efficiency

Share data across teams, improving strategy, creative, messaging and analytics.

Simplify with our easy-to-use single source solution

Resonate for Agencies

"Insights-driven public companies will grow an average of 27% annually and insights-driven startups will grow 40% annually."

- Forrester

Resonate delivers impactful results for savvy agencies​

50% Decrease in pitch development time
57% Decrease in CPA
57% Exceeded acquisition goal by

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Agency Blueprint

Use AI-driven insights to become true a partner to your clients.

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First-Party Data Enrichment

Learn how you can enrich your own 1P data with 14,000+ scalable insights.

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Agency Superpowers

Deep consumer insights powered by AI empower agencies to become true partners to their clients.

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