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Consumer sentiment is shifting rapidly and brands need to keep a pulse on complex preferences, patterns and personas to stay connected and grow revenue. The easy-to-use Resonate Ignite Platform offers a unified consumer intelligence solution that powers your marketing with AI-driven, actionable data, including 14,000+ granular attributes on 230 million U.S. consumers. Combine real-time insights with your own first-party data for dynamic decision making across product development, messaging, content, lifecycle marketing and more.

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Better Intelligence on First-Party Data

Reduce Third-Party Data and Research Costs

Faster Road to Insight & Action

Hyper-Relevant Data Specific to Your Industry



CPG brands need to overcome the hurdle of flat, one-dimensional data. Resonate’s intelligence reveals a nuanced understanding of consumers to help brands build enduring loyalty and conquest their competitors’ customers.


Our deep consumer insights on product preferences, shopping behaviors and purchase drivers will inform your creative, messaging, offers and product development leading to increased loyalty and lower acquisition costs.


Actionable insights guide a range of strategies for marketing, research and loyalty teams within wireless providers, from how to communicate with wireless switchers to the most effective channels to reach them.


In the digital age of banking, it’s critical that banks use dynamic insights to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, prospects and competitors’ customers in order strengthen trust and keep them loyal.



From evolving consumer demands to disruptors, insurance companies need Resonate insights more than ever to strengthen connections, connect with prospects and control churn.


And More!

With 14,000+ insights scaled to over 230 million consumers, we have information on a broad spectrum of verticals. Connect with our team today to learn how your brand can access game-changing insights.

Solutions Tailored to Today’s Brand Challenges

"Insights-driven public companies will grow an average of 27% annually and insights-driven startups will grow 40% annually."

- Forrester

Resonate Delivers Impactful Results for Top Brands

50% increase in digital revenue YoY
103% increase in website engagement
40% increase in purchase conversions

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