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The Insight Brands Need to Thrive

Today’s consumer is inundated with a growing number of product and retailer choices, making it incredibly challenging for brands to break through the noise. In this environment, companies need to find innovative ways to appeal to today’s consumer and grow customer loyalty. Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform helps brands find new ways to attract and retain customers and develop actionable strategies to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.

Challenges for Brands

Getting consumers’ attention in a noisy environment

Disruption and disintermediation from new players

Lack of brand loyalty

Loss of brand control

Simplify with a Single Source Solution


Always on Human Element/Why
Deepest Understanding of Persona & Segments
Market & Audience Sizing & Reach Sizing
Competitive Analysis
Persona Development/Segmentation as a Service


Right Product, Solution, Offering
Right Creative, Content, Messaging
Marketing Mix
Advertising (Programmatic, DMP, DSP)
Paid Social
Connected TV


Campaign Performance
Channel Measurement
Customer Journey Mapping
Unknown Audience Discovery


Intelligence: Holistic understanding of your current customers and prospects beyond demographics, psychographics and behavioral data READ MORE »

Acquisition: Insights on your best customers and your competitors’ customers to connect and acquire prospects with similar attributes READ MORE »

Loyalty: Most up-to-date intelligence on consumer preferences so organizations know precisely what makes consumers loyal to a particular brand READ MORE »

Retention: Up-to-date insights of your customers so you can continue to deliver relevant messaging and products they can’t resist READ MORE »

Engagement: Easily activate your audiences across desktop and mobile, as well as paid social, connected TV and email READ MORE »

“Resonate goes beyond superficial information about people to tap into beliefs and values that marketers can use to create meaningful,motivational connections with their customers and prospects.”

—Gartner Research

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