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Enrich your audience understanding

Consumers are evolving constantly. That’s why Resonate data uses cutting-edge AI to empower marketers to deliver more personalized, more effective, and more efficient strategy and messaging. Brands that rely on Resonate increase revenue, boost retention, and skyrocket lifetime value. Brands that don’t…well, they don’t.

Resonate helps brands increase revenue and skyrocket lifetime value

Enrich first-party data with rich, relevant insights

Reveal a holistic, comprehensive view of your own customers.

Better segmentation and personalization

Produce more effective messaging and creative with targeted personas.

Execute more compelling campaigns

Drive targeted, personalized interactions across digital channels.

Resonate delivers impactful results for top brands

304% Average ROI
55% Higher Click Through Rate
21% Higher Conversion Rate

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Tapping into customer sentiment forges meaningful, valuable relationships.

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