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AI-powered voter data & intelligence

Resonate’s proprietary AI-powered data helps you build larger coalitions and win more campaigns. Highly predictive modeling allows campaigns to speak directly to advocates who support their policy positions — independent of partisan alignment.

  • 14,000+ real-time, proprietary, AI-powered data points on 230 million individual US voters.
  • Fast answers, deep understanding of any voting audience down to the congressional district level.
  • Quickly create and analyze hyper-relevant, targeted microsegments to enhance your segmentation strategy.
  • More precise voter targeting at scale across programmatic, social, CTV, web personalization, email and more.
  • Onboard your first-party data to enrich your understanding of your constituents.

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Hyper-relevant voter data points specific to your cause

Intent & Prior Behavior

Political organizations

Resonate's unique survey-based, AI-powered data points transform how political campaigns identify, analyze, target, and communicate with voters individually at scale.

Advocacy groups

Predictive, real-time analytics immediately identify and target people who care about your issue beyond your traditional list of supporters.
360-Degree View


Resonate's deep and actionable voter data helps you identify, target and sway key influencers who are engaged with a specific cause or issue.

A proprietary, end-to-end, AI-powered, voter data solution for campaigns & causes

Our AI-powered voter data enables you to build, model, analyze, validate and activate an audience across all digital screens in real-time. Our highly experienced customer service team understands the unique needs of political and advocacy advertisers and will help you rapidly deploy digital campaigns targeted to the voters you need to win.

Individual voter-level Resonate attributes

Hot Topics & Issues

Voter positions on hot topics & issues

• Public health, insurance
• Abortion & access to Plan B
• Healthcare & drug costs
• 2nd amendment & gun control
• Voting rights & election fraud
• Climate change & energy
• LGBTQ+ rights & traditional marriage
• Disinformation & the mainstream media
Values & Motivations

Voter values & motivations

• Security in nation and sense of community
• Acceptance of those who are different
• Maintain traditions
• Obey law and obligations
• Trust from others
• God/faith
• Environmental conservation

Voter intent & prior behavior

• Trump supporters
• Centrist vs extreme voters
• Single issue voters
• Disengaged Americans