Unrivaled real-time understanding of consumers with unparalleled depth, precision & scale

Unleash marketing performance with Resonate Elements

The Resonate Elements data set is a revelation, unveiling US consumers as the unique individuals they are. Dive into the psyche of your audience, unravel their intentions, preferences, behaviors, media consumption, and demographics. Resonate Elements goes beyond the basics to help marketers understand the “why” behind every decision they make.

Data is better with AI

rAI, our groundbreaking AI modeling infrastructure, delivers continuously updated
data for a comprehensive whole human understanding

AI-powered data points

AI-powered data that describes a consumer’s who, what, when, where, how & why.

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Scaled to the US population

Millions of robust consumer profiles allow you to directly connect insight to action.

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Personal devices

Aligns Resonate data to consumers & their associated devices, unlocking unparalleled omnichannel activation.

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Resonate taxonomy

Explore the full selection of Resonate Elements data.

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Uncovering meaningful insights that matter

Resonate Elements data provides the who, what, where, when, how
and most critically, the why humans make the decisions they do.

who what when where why how

Data for every industry & instance

Recent events data

The only thing that is consistent is change. You better have the data that helps you keep pace.

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Health and Wellness

Health & wellness data

Robust, real-time insights into the health and wellness consumer.

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Financial services data

Get the data you need to know for banking, investments and insurance marketing.

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Insurance data

Effective targeting – in real-time – requires a deeper understanding of insurance consumers.

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Investments data

Privacy-safe, fresh investments data enables more effective targeting and marketing.

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Banking data

Privacy-safe, real-time banking data to get ahead of the competition.

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ESG data

Engage consumers by aligning to their values with Resonate ESG data.

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Geography data

Identify and prioritize key locations for your marketing efforts.

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Custom data models

Super-fast, cost-effective custom data modeling.

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AI-powered data provides a powerful understanding of your customers that improves marketing performance throughout the lifecycle. Connect with us to learn more.

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