Consumer data is better with AI

Scale your current segments across the entire U.S. consumer landscape

Resonate powers brands and agencies with the intelligence and data they need to drive better, faster, more personalized marketing that accelerates growth. We get at the why that drives your target audience. 

We start with humans

The Human Element is what makes Resonate data different. It’s a dynamic, proprietary, 360-degree view of a person that combines core attributes like demographics and psychographics with the values that drive them to choose, support, or protest, and the motivations that inspire their loyalty or abandonment of a brand. It’s the why that develops unbreakable consumer relationships and sparks true love of brand.


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Made possible by the numbers


Combined with artificial intelligence

Our AI Data Engine creates robust, continuously updated, first-party data at the
individual level that’s scaled to the U.S. population

Continuous consumer research

18 survey waves a year yield 14,000+ insights on purchasing preferences, behaviors, personal values, and more.

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AI & predictive modeling

Machine learning scales our data to 230 million U.S. consumers to help marketers understand and connect with their target audiences.

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Fresh, up-to-date, privacy-safe insights

Resonate analyzes tens of billions of web events daily linked to survey respondents to reveal what they’re searching in real time.

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Uncovering meaningful insights that matter

Resonate Elements data provides the who, what, where, when, how
and most critically, the why humans make the decisions they do.

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Like what you see?

Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform is ready to go for your team. It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and your competitor’s customers.

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