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Log in, learn and launch. It’s that simple. Hard to believe? Yeah, we get it, but that’s why we have a fan club full of global brand and agency leaders. Access, analyze & act on the 14,000+ highly predictive Resonate Elements attributes including the psychographics, behaviors, preferences, intent data you need to successfully acquire, grow and maintain customers.

Resonate Ignite Platform makes discovering, analyzing, and actioning insights easy

AI-powered, unparalleled consumer data in action

Get everything you need to know to power personalized marketing.
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Learn more and act faster

Create personalized experiences, offers, and creative, and hit goals across the customer lifecycle.
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The data you need to navigate what's next

Get insights from the largest U.S. Consumer Study on the impact of current and emerging issues.
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Onboard and enrich ANY data

Build on the data you have using privacy-safe understanding to power better decision making.
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Directly integrate into your ecosystem without audience recreation or proxies to reduce waste and increase ROAS.
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Measure effectiveness to continuously improve

Determine which tactics work, identify new opportunities and audiences, and optimize your marketing efforts.
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Start by better understanding your current personas, or explore new audiences using thousands of fresh, highly-predictive data attributes. Consumable curated reports make it easy to unpack new insights. Share, export, or customize visualizations to communicate your findings. Activate across channels, through direct connections to your ecosystem. Then don’t wonder, know, by measuring effectiveness throughout the customer journey.

Resonate Elements data

Rich, relevant, recent data set based on 14,000+ insights in the U.S. Consumer Study.

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Connected individuals

230 million unique profiles connected to individuals and tied to 2 billion devices, ready for action.

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Curated reports 

Quick answers for impactful storytelling and shortcuts to the most important, actionable insights.

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AI-powered research

Don’t settle for a survey. We’ve ignited traditional survey research with rAI

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Insights on anything

Enrichment of your CTV, CRM, Mobile App, Website or Media data improves your understanding of your audience and results in better performance across all channels.

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Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform is ready to go for your teams. It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and your competitor’s customers.

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