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The role of the modern marketer has never been more complex. The demands are endless: produce content and creative that connects with consumers who are on information overload, play the role of technologist, data scientist and revenue manager, report ROI to company execs. Don’t forget keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest resources on today’s consumers and how Resonate helps solves many of these daunting challenges.

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Consumer, Disrupted: State of the Consumer 2021

Meet the disrupted consumer and learn how to connect with them on a level that goes deeper than toilet paper and curbside pick-up.

Breaking data keeping up with where Americans stand today.

Understanding the Nuances of Hispanic Audiences

Build a diverse, nuanced Hispanic strategy through human-level understanding.

Insights Professional's Guide - Turning Insights into Action WP Thumbnail

How AI and machine learning reveal the motivations behind human decisions.

Resonate customers see 304% ROI. Find out how.

5-Minute Guide to Privacy-Safe Consumer Data, Insights, & Engagement

Quell your nerves about digital marketing in a privacy-first world.

Who are vaccine hesitant Americans? Get their demographics and core values + 5 tips for reaching this persuadable audience.

Learn how to build a disruption-proof agency from a foundation of fresh consumer data.

Featured Webinars

January 2022 is looming as the date of the customer data apocalypse when Google removes third-party cookies from its Chrome browser.

3 Keys to Insights-Driven, AI-Powered Segmentation in 2021

What can you do right now to deepen and strengthen your segmentation leading into a volatile and unpredictable 2021?

Shelve those outdated insights – you need real-time data to reach Americans who are actually engaged, with a message that will resonate.

Future-Proof Your Data for a Post-Cookie World

Watch this critical discussion on the issue that’s top-of-mind for every marketer.

Understanding where streaming trends are headed and critical insights on streaming audiences in 2021 can make or break your brand or agency.

3 Ways Fresh Data Can Make or Break Your 2021

 Consumers faced a stunning pace of change in 2020. With 2021 shaping up to be equally uncertain, fresh consumer data remains critical to success in brand marketing and advertising.