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The role of the modern marketer has never been more complex. The demands are endless: produce content and creative that connects with consumers who are on information overload, play the role of technologist, data scientist and revenue manager, report ROI to company execs. Don’t forget keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our latest resources on today’s consumers and how Resonate helps solves many of these daunting challenges.

Featured Content

Data to Drive Your Business: Latest Findings from Resonate COVID-19 & Civic Unrest Sentiment Study

Uncover breaking insights that will help you plan for the unprecedented weeks and months ahead.

Tracking Sentiment During Recent Events: Research on Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, Consumer Activism & Facebook

Download our Wave 6 report on consumer and voter sentiment during a time of unrest.

State of the Customer

Learn about the rise of purpose-driven brands and the increasing influence of consumer activism.

Insights Professional's Guide - Turning Insights into Action WP Thumbnail

How AI and machine learning reveal the motivations behind human decisions.

Agency Uprising

Find inspiration for your own agency uprising and start winning new business and wowing your current clients even more.

Voter Landscape

Learn the ins and outs of nine distinct voter segments within the political parties.

Dynamic Consumer Data Sets You Apart From the Competition

Go beyond flat customer intelligence to learn what really makes your consumers tick.

Supercharge Your Agency: The Rise of the Agency Avengers

Harness your Agency Avengers’ superpowers to navigate the new normal as a lean, mean and agile AI-driven machine.

Featured Webinars

Sports Webinar

Now, with America reopening, questions are arising about what the future of sports will look like in the midst of a global pandemic.

ReOpening America Webinar

You’ll gain access to the real-time data you need now as your organization looks forward to the third and fourth quarters.


Tech and social media companies have limited political ad targeting on their platforms. So what’s next?

What media companies need to know about engaging consumers as a global crisis evolves.

Agencies - Uncertain Times

 How will marketing evolve, what will consumers do over the next 90 days and how will agencies help their brands communicate?

PA Wave 3

A deep dive into our insight-packed Wave 3 report, Reopening America: Up-to-the-Moment U.S. Voter Sentiment During the Pandemic