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No other segment of the U.S. population is as hard to understand as the modern voter. Political and advocacy groups are challenged to connect with voters despite working with very little information about what drives their daily decisions. Deep voter insights that reveal what’s influencing who they support and what causes they advocate are essential. Check out our resources for how voter insights play a critical role in politics and advocacy.

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Presidential Election Voter Landscape thumbnail

Download our latest report on the voter insights you need to win this election season.

Six Months Later: How is Coronavirus Affecting Black and Hispanic Americans?

We’ve heard on the news night after night that the coronavirus pandemic has unequally affected communities of color. But, what do the numbers tell us?

Tracking Sentiment During Recent Events: Research on Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, Consumer Activism & Facebook

Download our Wave 6 report on consumer and voter sentiment during a time of unrest

Open for Business

Voter sentiment surrounding reopening America is shifting rapidly. Our report includes up-to-the-moment findings on varying voter comfort levels broken down into four segments.

Voter sentiment is shifting more rapidly than ever before and our latest report has the real-time voter intelligence you need to win at the polls this election season.

PA Dem Voter Landscape

In this guide, you’ll learn about the five targetable segments who plan to vote in the democratic primary and how vastly they differ.

Voter Pitfalls

Are you guilty of targeting voters based on outdated right and left assumptions? Find out why that method will no longer work.

In this guide, you’ll learn the importance of focusing on the issues over political party and how to identify issues that many voter segments surprisingly agree on.

Voter Landscape

Leveraging artificial intelligence, we uncovered nine targetable voter segments differing along the most influential political drivers.

Seamlessly and easily activate omnichannel managed media campaigns to Resonate’s unmatched AI-driven voter segmentation.

Connected TV is wildly disrupting the voter targeting and ad-serving ecosystem. Learn how to activate custom segments of voters across integrated OTT platforms.


PA Wave 3

A deep dive into our insight-packed Wave 3 report, Reopening America: Up-to-the-Moment U.S. Voter Sentiment During the Pandemic

Understanding Voter Sentiment and Impact on Polls

Learn how voter sentiment and perception is shifting in real time during the COVID-19.

Political Campaigns in Uncertain Times

Using results from the National Consumer Study, Resonate analyzed how COVID-19 will impact races up and down the ballot this election season.


Tech and social media companies have limited political ad targeting on their platforms. So what’s next?

In this webinar, learn the importance of artificial intelligence and how it relates to political campaigns.

AI in Elections

In the webinar, co-hosted with AAPC, our data science guru, Dan Scantlebury Ph.D., discusses the importance of AI in the 2020 election.