Activation data

Activate across channels without proxy audiences

Use Resonate’s 14,000 proprietary attributes to create well-defined, multi-attribute segments and deliver individual device IDs to any DSP, DMP or social platform for activation across all digital channels.

The best campaigns start with the best data


Activate on our proprietary first-party insights across programmatic display channels such as desktop tablet, mobile, in-banner video and more.


Execute across various premium, brand-safe video channels and reach your clients’ customers at an emotional level on various platforms.


Execute across all social channels more efficiently and effectively without creating proxy audiences.


Drive cross-platform traffic for awareness and prospecting campaigns. The ad fits organically into the content a user is engaging with, so native is able to drive high CTR across the board.

Connected TV

Reach consumers on Smart TV devices, an extension of TV advertising that’s not included in traditional TV buys.

Activation resources

Guide to Results Driven Campaigns

Power up your next marketing campaign with activation across all digital channels.


The Insights Professional's Guide For Turning Data into Action

How successful orgs have boosted CLV by tapping into dynamic consumer insights.

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[Infographic] Ready, Set, Activate!

Learn how to create dynamic, hyper-targeted segments available for activation.

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