Data append solutions

Enrich your 1st party data with Resonate Human Elements

Close the gaps in your understanding by enriching your existing data with thousands of proprietary Resonate Elements attributes. Fresh, comprehensive data on consumer sentiment, intent, personal values, psychographics, and more is mapped to your records and exported directly into your database or data lake to be used throughout your ecosystem for additional action in programmatic, email, direct mail, website personalization and more.

The freshest, deepest consumer data directly imported into your data ecosystem

Take Resonate data to-go

Learn the who and why behind your first-party data within your own data storage or modeling infrastructure.

Personalize your website

Use Resonate insights to personalize a vistor’s experience on your website from their 2nd visit and beyond.

Develop internal modeling

Develop your own or leverage existing customer models in your preferred BI tools.

Enhance your data

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects through Resonate’s unique attributes, including attributes from your Spark Studies.

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360-Degree View

Direct data onboarding

Onboard your first-party audience(s) directly to the Resonate Ignite Platform and have access to 14,000+ insights that provide a holistic understanding of your customers.

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Data append resources

Is Your Data Legit?

5 ways to make sure your third-party data is accurate and reliable.

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[FYI GUIDE]: Complete Your Consumer Understanding

Quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.


[FYI GUIDE]: Bring Your Customer & Prospect Data to Life

Gain a deep, meaningful understanding of people from outside the walls of your brand.


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