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Stop sacrificing performance for scale. Choose Resonate Data Append.

Enrich any data set, with Resonate Elements data for use in your CDP, CRM, data lakes or models. The Resonate AI-powered data set is a single source for a holistic understanding of any individual. With psychographics like sentiment, intent, preferences, and behaviors, adding the Resonate Elements data set improves performance and increases effectiveness across channels.

AI-powered data append outperforms without the big price tag

No mainframes here

rAI, predicts & continuously updates a detailed profile of individual consumers with speed and scale.

Get to the human

Bring your data to life with richness, color for better insights & analysis.


Individual level matching

Unlike traditional data providers, Resonate matches at the individual level, not the household level.

Close the gap

Answer any brand-specific question with Resonate custom models & custom first-party data.


Simple, straightforward pricing

Append 5, 10 or all of the powerful Resonate data clusters for a simple fee. 

Flexible refresh options

Resonate supports a one-time append, or multiple refreshes per term.

Data append resources

Is Your Data Legit?

5 ways to make sure your third-party data is accurate and reliable.

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[FYI GUIDE]: Complete Your Consumer Understanding

Quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.


[FYI GUIDE]: Bring Your Customer & Prospect Data to Life

Gain a deep, meaningful understanding of people from outside the walls of your brand.


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AI-powered data provides a powerful understanding of your customers that improves marketing performance throughout the lifecycle. Connect with us to learn more.

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