The data to connect with ESG-focused consumers

Engage consumers by aligning to their values

In a market where brand and consumer values frequently intersect, identifying, understanding, and engaging the socially responsible consumer is critical. Resonate has proprietary ESG data that covers the many ESG attributes across industries, that describe the specific environmental, social and governance topics consumers care about in all facets of their lives. From socially responsible investors to green apparel shoppers, this rich data set can be used for research, modeling and predictive analytics as well as marketing, advertising and creative. 

Understand and target ESG conscious consumers

Overarching corporate responsibility data

Data on corporate actions that a consumer’s likelihood to shop with or work for a company such as:

• Avoids water and air pollution and deforestation

• Is transparent

• Does not evade corporate taxes

• Encourages diversity and inclusion

Environmental data

Data on consumers personal behaviors & beliefs related to environmental concerns, their level of “green engagement” and actions that positively impact the environment including:

• Buy green products

• Carpool

• Donate money to green causes

• Buy carbon credits

• Contact politicians about eco issues

• Criticize non-green companies

Social data

Data on consumers behavior in support of or against companies who stand for or against social issues such as:

• Companies with operations in Russia

• Pro-Ukraine companies

• Pro-choice or pro-life companies

• Pro-BLM companies

ESG marketing resources

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