Data that keeps insurance customers loyal & attracts more.

Effective targeting – in real-time – requires a deeper understanding of insurance consumers

To better understand insurance consumers, you need to see beyond one-dimensional first-party data. Access to data with psychographics, behavior and sentiment shows you a holistic profile of customers and prospects, including the who, what, when, where, how and why they make the decisions they make. Why do they feel insurance is important? Why do they choose certain types of insurance vs other types? Why would they consider moving to a different insurance provider?

Resonate Insurance can help you better understand your current customers, reach new pockets of prospective buyers and retain potential switchers. With the Resonate rich, real-time data set, insurance providers can create a holistic picture of current, ideal and prospective clients in a simple, cost-effective, privacy-safe way.

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Expand your insurance customer base

Privacy safe banking data

Privacy compliant

Access privacy-safe data – anytime, anywhere – to reveal insurance-specific insights into US consumers.

Banking data points

223 insurance-specific attributes, plus 14,000+ more

Add these attributes to your 1st-party data to get the bigger picture of what your customers – and your competitions’ customers – want and what affects their choices.

Custom contextual banking data

Resonate in-market data

Leverage real-time data to find out the insurance topics that US consumers are researching now.

Investment marketing resources

State of the Consumer 2023

Deep dive into 2023 consumer data that drives performance.


[Infographic] 2023 Insurance Switchers

Knowing which consumers are considering switching gives you the opportunity to acquire new customers and keep your current ones.

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How to Reach the American Consumer in 2023

How US consumers are responding to the world today (and how it affects their purchasing behavior!).

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80% increase in website visitors
30% increase in digital revenue YoY
59% decrease in CPA

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