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Privacy-safe, fresh data enables more effective targeting and marketing

Relying on first-party data alone, such as demographics, purchase data and transaction history, offers a limited one-dimensional view of your clients. Today’s wealth management and investment firms need to reach new pockets of prospective clients and retain existing ones. The Resonate Investments data set allows you to create a holistic picture of current, ideal and prospective clients in a simple, cost-effective, privacy-safe way. Our rich, robust data goes deep to reveal psychographics—like sentiment, intent, preferences, and behaviors—so you can enrich your first-party data and create custom audiences to improve acquisition and create long-lasting, high-value client relationships.

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Find and attract new investment clients

Privacy safe banking data

Privacy compliant

Access privacy-safe data – anytime, anywhere – to reveal investment-specific insights into US consumers.

Banking data points

324 investment-specific attributes, plus 14,000+ more

Add these attributes to your 1st-party data to get the bigger picture of what your customers – and your competitions’ customers – want and what affects their choices. 

Custom contextual banking data

Resonate custom intent data

Leverage real-time data to find out the investment topics US consumers are researching now.

Investment marketing resources

How to Pick the Right Data Partner

Critical things to ask, consider, and avoid when finding a consumer intelligence partner.


State of the Consumer 2023

Deep dive into 2023 consumer data that drives performance.


How to Reach the American Consumer in 2023

How US consumers are responding to the world today (and how it affects their purchasing behavior!).

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80% increase in website visitors
30% increase in digital revenue YoY
59% decrease in CPA

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