Privacy-safe insights for
health & wellness marketing

Robust, real-time insights into the health and wellness consumer

Traditional medical data, based on diagnosis and prescriptions, is costly and lacks insights about the human behind the condition. Resonate Health & Wellness powers better consumer research, market sizing and omnichannel activation by providing a holistic understanding of consumers’ health and wellness preferences and decision-making.

Reveal the human behind the health condition



Discover privacy-safe healthcare-specific insights on caregivers and patients. 

Health and Wellness

1,000+ health and wellness attributes

Plus thousands of additional attributes to describe the patient and the caregiver- who they are, what values they ascribe to and what matters most to them.

Custom Contextual Data

Custom contextual data

Reveal real-time data on the conditions and topics consumers are researching now. 

Health & wellness marketing resources

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A holistic understanding of the U.S. health consumer.

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How Resonate helped top health & wellness companies achieve business goals

"Our partnership with Resonate provides us with a richer understanding of consumers and a mechanism to precisely target our communications. This combination of insight and action helps us enhance the return on our marketing investments."

- Senior Director, Market Research & Analytics at a Diagnostic Information Services Provider

20:1 Speed to insights
68% Increase in reaching the right people

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