Robust, Privacy-Safe Intelligence for Health & Wellness Marketing

Resonate Health delivers 800+ HIPAA-compliant attributes on patients and caregivers

In today’s hyper-personalized world, agencies and DTC marketers need robust, real-time insights into the health and wellness consumer. Traditional medical data, based on diagnosis and prescriptions, is costly and lacks insights about the human behind the condition. Resonate Health powers better consumer research, market sizing and omnichannel activation by providing a holistic understanding of consumers’ health and wellness preferences and decision-making.



Discover privacy-safe healthcare-specific insights on caregivers and patients. 

800 attributes

800+ Health and Wellness Attributes

Plus thousands of additional attributes to describe the patient and the caregiver- who they are, what values they ascribe to and what matters most to them.

Custom Contextual Data

Custom Contextual Data

Reveal real-time data on the conditions and topics consumers are researching now. 

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Resonate Health makes a holistic understanding of the U.S. health consumer possible.

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How Resonate Helped Top Companies Achieve Business Goals

“Segmentation provides multiple payoffs across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention."

- Forrester

80% increase in website visitors
30% increase in digital revenue YoY
59% decrease in CPA

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