Managed media solutions

Amplify your winning ad strategy

Resonate Managed Media combines the scale and functionality of multiple DSPs with our proprietary Resonate Ignite Intelligence Platform and an award-winning support team. Resonate strategists will build hyper-targeted audiences and plan, execute, and measure effective advertising campaigns.

What our team of experts can do

Managed media

Reach your audiences across digital platforms with access to over 14K targetable attributes, on-demand reporting, and a dedicated team of experts backing you up.


Activate on our proprietary first-party insights across programmatic display channels such as desktop tablet, mobile, in-banner video and more.


Execute across various premium, brand-safe video channels and reach your clients’ customers at an emotional level on various platforms.


Execute across all social channels more efficiently and effectively without creating proxy audiences.


Drive cross-platform traffic for awareness and prospecting campaigns with high-performing native ads.

Connected TV

Reach consumers on Smart TV devices, an extension of TV advertising that’s not included in traditional TV buys.

Data collection & insights

Pixel creative and web pages to further understand what drives customer engagement so you can target and optimize against our unique set of attributes.

Real-time reporting

Get on-demand reporting featuring flexible reporting templates customized to your campaign tactics and KPIs.

Insight resources

[eBook] Agency Superpowers

How to unlock the dynamic insights needed to become a strategic partner to your clients.


The Agency Blueprint

Learn how to build a disruption-proof agency from a foundation of fresh consumer data.

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