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Better Data Leads to Better Campaigns

Reaching today’s distracted consumer is tougher than ever. The messaging has to connect, the target audience has to be precise and the channels need to have the maximum impact. Sure, you have some data about consumer behavior but is it the highest quality? Does it go beyond basic demographics and psychographics? Do you know where it came from? Is it relevant and timely?

The best campaigns are backed by the best consumer data. Resonate’s managed media service helps agencies reach vital campaign goals with proprietary first-party insights. With that, we build well-defined, multi-attribute audiences and then activate these audiences across all digital channels. Your agency’s time and money are saved, and clients are dazzled by the results.

“Resonate gives us the ability to understand consumers better than our competition. The platform is catching fast-moving trends, and getting those insights quickly is a competitive advantage.”

— Stuart Meyler, President, Beeby Clark + Meyler

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Get the lowdown on how Resonate’s managed media service helps agencies reach campaign goals with proprietary consumer insights, well-defined, multi-attribute audiences and activation across all digital channels.

Learn how Resonate’s farm-to-table consumer data helps you improve efficiency and precision in reaching your audiences.

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Get insight on the biggest data challenges agencies face and the impact on your media campaigns with our deep consumer insights and team of experts by your side.

Resonate’s Insights Have Amazing Impact


increase in reaching the right people


increase in ROAS


savings in ongoing research and insights costs

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