A.I.-Driven Segmentation

Connect with consumers in your audience on a human level

People like being talked to directly. They want to feel known, seen, and heard. That’s why marketers use segmentation…but segmentation can’t be successful if it’s based on stale research, outdated studies and unreliable third-party data that lacks depth.

Resonate’s Typing Tool supercharges your strategy by connecting your pre-existing segments to over 230 million U.S. consumer profiles. This gives you unprecedented scale and allows you to connect these much larger segments to your entire ecosystem so you can take action and improve measurement. This increased capability allows you to zero-in on highly specific and accurate consumer segments and activate them effectively across all digital channels.

Segmentation Types

Connected Typing Tool

Connected Typing Tool

Access a granular understanding of consumers and prospects by transforming your typing tools into large-scale measurable and actionable segments. Enrich them against 14,000+ attributes that are scaled to more than 230 million profiles.

Persona Replication

Persona Replication

Replicate your existing personas or segments using new or existing Resonate attributes for insights and activation.

Persona Enhancement

Persona Enhancement

Enhance your existing personas or segments using new or existing Resonate attributes for insights and activation.

Insights-Led Segmentation

Insights-Led Segmentation

Create new segments through analysis that drives overall execution strategy and enables activation.

Data Science Segmentation

Data Science Segmentation

Create new segments through Resonate’s cutting-edge data science that drive overall execution strategy and enable activation.



Create additional micro-segments to further refine segments for strategy and activation.

Insight Resources

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How Resonate Helped Top Companies Achieve Business Goals

“Segmentation provides multiple payoffs across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention."

- Forrester

80% increase in website visitors
30% increase in digital revenue YoY
59% decrease in CPA

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