Like traditional research.
Except it's not. 

Our proprietary ground truth & a key ingredient for rAI

The Resonate United States Consumer Study (USCS) is the largest most comprehensive consumer study. In field 18 times a year, no one keeps pace with the consumer like Resonate. The Resonate USCS feeds the rAI, and that’s where the magic begins, scaling 200,000 responses into more than 200 million and answering all of your burning questions.

The Resonate ground truth

Resonate taxonomy

14,000+ attributes updated nightly to reveal the humans in your audience.

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Our solutions

Additional solutions and services to power your understanding of customers and prospects and inform decisions from segmentation strategy to product development, branding, messaging and creative and omnichannel engagement.

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Resonate Ignite Platform

The Resonate Ignite Platform is an AI-driven consumer data and intelligence platform that deepens your understanding of your customers and prospects.

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AI-powered data provides a powerful understanding of your customers that improves marketing performance throughout the lifecycle. Connect with us to learn more.

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