1905 Survey Wave — Non-Apparel Retail and Home & Family

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Exciting news! Resonate’s latest survey wave, 1905, has been released into the platform. We surveyed nearly 17,000 consumers about non-apparel retail, home & family. There are now 218 new attributes in our taxonomy.

Part of this survey data is dedicated to non-apparel retail such as home, electronics and furniture retailers and the channel through which they shopped (online or in-store). Another part was dedicated to grocery purchases and fast food data.

When it came to media, Resonate added data about movie consumption such as the method and channel through which consumers rent movies and the way they engage with the internet.

In terms of travel and hospitality, we added insights on leisure travel and hotel selection. We also added more data about education life stage, such as intent to continue education, university selection considerations and motivations for obtaining a college degree.

Below, you can see the different college selection considerations between Gen Z males (teal) and females (orange).

1905 Survey Wave - Non Apparel Retail and Home and Family

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