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Today’s Loyal Consumer

Consumers have used loyalty programs to get rewards and perks from their favorite brands. But there are signs that the number of loyalty program members are starting to slip. It’s time for marketers to take their loyalty programs to the next level through a better understanding of what their customers want. View the infographic below […]

Do You Know Your Customers’ “Why?” You Should

I remember when my kids were younger, they went through the “why?” phase. Days were filled with “why?” this and “why?” that. Each of my answers was met with another adorable, “But whyyyy?” A “curious kid” asks on average 73 questions a day. (Thank goodness for Google!) What I also realized as a parent was […]

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Resonate Releases Consumer Banking Insights Report

New Competitors, New Technology Among Challenges Facing Financial Services Marketers RESTON, Va., Aug. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence and insights for marketers, today announced the release of its new report, The Bank Marketers’ Playbook: Consumer Insights to Score Lasting Connections. The report outlines the challenges facing traditional consumer banks and […]

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Infographic: Who’s Switching Banks and Why

Banks have traditionally led innovation in their industry, offering consumers a lot of new ways to manage their money. But with 5.6 million consumers planning to switch banks in the next year, it’s clear banks need even more innovation and better ways to connect with current and future customers. View the infographic below to learn […]


Consumer Intelligence: The CMO’s Sledgehammer For Breaking Down Silos

Most of today’s CMOs understand the importance of breaking down organizational silos in the quest to build a modern marketing organization, one that can keep pace with the ever-evolving consumer. But knowing where to start is another matter altogether. Marketing departments, particularly at large legacy brands, are often established entities with their own systems, cultures […]

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Have a Plan for Adding New Services? We’ve Got One For You

There’s been a steady drumbeat of technology IPOs this year, with staggering valuations of software stocks. Recent IPOs are up an average of 28% in the last month alone versus the entire software market that’s up 13% in the same period, according to Investor’s Business Daily. If you’re an advertising agency, you’ve contributed to the […]


CDPs: Yet Another Acronym That Lets Marketers Down

CDPs, or customer data platforms, are the latest venture capital darling. Unfortunately, they’re not going to help marketers connect more meaningfully with consumers. Andy Hunn, Chief Operating Officer, Resonate tell us why  The newest acronym taking our industry by storm is CDP. And unfortunately, this one isn’t going to help marketers connect more meaningfully with consumers either. […]

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Life After Facebook Partner Categories: How to Achieve Efficient, Effective Targeting

There’s no doubt that the current privacy-sensitive environment is creating enormous challenges for marketers universally. Threatening, bad players, have caused increased scrutiny of all third-party data providers and marketers are reeling from round after round of changes from Google, YouTube and Facebook. The recently announced removal of Facebook’s Partner Categories, the social platform’s third-party data […]

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Is it time for an agency uprising?

The answer is yes. Advertising and media agencies have been taking a beating. Ad Age and AdWeek are filled with stories about competition from completely new players, outdated agency models, a lack of talent and creativity and big firms losing their sway to smaller players. Sounds like it’s time for agencies to wake up and […]

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The Culture of Resonate: Driving Innovation and Recognition

Here at Resonate, we recognize that redefining the consumer intelligence landscape requires more than just first-in-class technology and unique insights. It requires an internal culture built around rapid innovation and deep client understanding, and that’s exactly the culture we strive to foster here, day in and day out. As a company leader, it’s one thing […]

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The Washington Post Names Resonate a 2018 Top Workplace

Resonate’s customer-centric culture drives its fourth placement on the prestigious annual list. RESTON, VA – JUNE 25, 2018 – Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence and insights for marketers, has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by The Washington Post. This represents the fourth year that Resonate has been included on the prestigious […]


Bad to the Bone – How Good Surveys Produce Bad Data

Imagine doing an online survey to get a better handle of your target audience and throwing out 20% of the responses. Crazy? Well actually if you’re not throwing out about that much, you’re probably using bad data. Resonate conducts many surveys per year and uses a proprietary “fraud score” to throw out 10-20% of what […]

Customer Success - 7 step customer success strategy for martch companies

Customer Success is the New Customer Centricity – The 7 step Customer Success Strategy for Martech Companies

It’s surprising that customer centricity is such a buzzword these days. How did we lose focus on customers so much that paying attention to them became a major competitive advantage? Haven’t businesses always been centered on serving the customer? No one is really to blame for this trend. In the last 10 years, we’ve been […]

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The Evolution of Resonate: Understanding People Better, Helping Clients Succeed

Every once in a while, you have time to reflect. I was recently asked to describe Resonate’s evolution, and it’s simply impossible for me not to look back and think about how far we’ve come. And yet in doing so, perhaps what struck me the most was that, since our founding, the fundamental mission of […]

AZ Media Bubble

We tracked a dramatic shift in voter patterns in AZ-08. How secure is your district?

In a nationally watched Arizona special election last month, a Democrat came close to victory in a district Republicans won by a 37% vote margin in 2016. The results in Arizona came off the heels of another special election in Pennsylvania, where a Democrat bested a Republican in a district the Democrats didn’t even bother […]

Texas Voters

Texas Too Close to Call? How Will Your Side Fare?

A recent Quinnipiac poll found the 2018 Senate race in Texas “too close to call”, suggesting things may be a little closer than you think in a known Republican stronghold. For a deeper understanding on what’s happening in Texas, we leveraged Resonate’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform to analyze the current partisan divide in the state, focusing on […]

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How Advertising and Subscriptions Win Together

As subscription revenue growth across print and digital audiences has become the new norm in the media industry, publishers can no longer rely solely on advertising revenue while charting a path to profitability. But how can publishers win by identifying audiences most likely to buy as digital subscriptions are in the spotlight? There is a […]

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Resonate Named As One of the Best Places to Work in Virginia For Fourth Year in a Row

The Best Places to Work in Virginia is a survey and awards program dedicated to identifying and recognizing the area’s best employers RESTON, VA – May 8, 2018 – Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence and insights for marketers, has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by Virginia Business. The top companies listed […]

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Resonate Strengthens Executive Bench with Three Key Hires

Industry Veterans Fill Vital Positions to Drive New Growth for Advanced Consumer Intelligence Platform RESTON, V.A. – April 24, 2018 – Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence and insights for marketers, today announced three key additions to its executive team. These new hires were made to strengthen the company’s growth and generate broad awareness […]

Understanding Voter Behavior in Pennsylvania – An Unpredictable Battleground

Online media patterns emerging in Pennsylvania this cycle reinforce the state’s reputation as a fierce election battleground; a battleground Trump barely claimed in 2016 with 0.7% of the vote. Want to learn more about the digital media bubble phenomena in modern day politics? View the SlideShare – Breaching the Bubble: Establishing an Effective Counter Narrative in […]

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