6 Ways to Connect to the Values that Drive Sustainably Minded Millennial Female Shoppers

While I was no stranger to online shopping before the pandemic, apparel was the one category I felt I needed to do in-person. The sudden and forced shift to 100% online shopping has changed the way I make purchase decisions.

And I don’t plan to go back.

As proximity became irrelevant, new brands became available to me and I could choose which to shop with based on the causes I’m passionate about. I don’t live near an Everlane store, but their commitment to sustainability and Radical Transparency has turned me into a repeat online customer.

According to Resonate’s National Consumer Study, there are 7.3 million millennial females in the US just like me – value-conscious and shopping for clothing online. Here are the top six things you need to know about this segment ahead of this holiday season.

1. Recommendations and reviews are paramount for online shoppers

Without being able to touch and feel the products, these online shoppers rely on customer-written reviews and recommendations from friends and family.

millennial shoppers sustainability

2. They shop on social media; Partner with influencers to reach them through a trusted voice

45% regularly use social media to find inspiration for shopping and they’re 46% more likely than average to directly engage with brands on social media. They are 182% more likely than average to say blogger recommendations are influential and 115% to say influencers on Instagram are influential when purchasing apparel.

3. Optimize online shopping for mobile

These consumers are 122% more likely than average to say ‘comprehensive mobile shopping capabilities’ are important when choosing with which apparel company to shop. Make it easy to jump directly from inspiration on Instagram to a purchase page.

millennial shoppers sustainability

4. This is a valuable audience that shops for a variety of people – don’t limit advertising to only products designed for millennial females

This segment is more likely than average to shop for significant others, parents, siblings, and kids. They’ll likely be in-market for holiday gifts for a wide variety of ages and lifestages this season.

millennial shoppers sustainability

5. Offer curbside pick-up and fast delivery options to edge out competitors

49% of these shoppers say curbside pick-up is an important shopping preference and 42% look for same-day delivery.

6. Focus on your frequent shopper program

These shoppers are 42% more likely than average to prefer shopping with retailers that have a frequent shopper program like loyalty rewards or points.

Want more tips on how to connect with shoppers, particularly this holiday season? Want to meet the millennial persona that should be at the top of your radar for the rest of Q4? Download our Holiday Retail Guide: 5 Tips to Win Consumers’ Gifting Dollars and check out our Door Busting, Designer Dreaming Mall Moms infographic today.

About the Author: Michelle Card is a Customer Success Analyst at Resonate. She works directly with customers to provide strategic insight into today’s consumers. You’ll find her leading new user trainings, workshops, and crafting analyses for clients. However, her favorite project at Resonate was curating a collection of Resonate employees’ favorite cookie recipes.

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