Brand Loyalty Brief 2021: Meet Loyal Leslie

How important is loyalty right now? Forrester predicts “spend on loyalty and retention marketing will increase by 30% as CMOs assert control over the full customer lifecycle.”

Over the past year, brands have faced a few different scenarios. Some have desperately worked to retain the customers already in their audience. Some have seen their reach skyrocket as consumer needs changed during the pandemic. Others have witnessed their audience shift as they fill a new value prop for consumers in flux.

Brand Loyalty as Consumer Needs Change

In the just-released Brand Loyalty Report 2021, we’re looking at the differences in loyalty by the generations, actionable tips you can utilize in your loyalty marketing this year, and we meet two loyal consumers, one of whom we’ll give you a sneak peek at now.

brand loyalty - grocery loyalty

Loyal Leslie is a Gen X shopper who is not only the primary grocery shopper in her house, she prefers to shop with retailers who offer a loyalty points programs. She values safety for her family, the nation, and duty in her community.

brand loyalty - grocery loyalty

Your Next Step: Read the Report

Does Loyal Leslie sound like she could be your target customer? In the Brand Loyalty Report 2021, you’ll learn the best ways to connect with Loyal Leslie and how you can forge lasting connections across verticals and consumer personas. You’ll also meet Loyal Larry, as well as learn the connections that are critical to target Gen Z and millennials, the takeaways you need as you plan your loyalty marketing in 2021, and whether rewards programs are enough for savvy shoppers. Download the report today to learn more.

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