Build a Winning Strategy with Diverse Hispanic Voter Segments

If campaigns were targeting all Hispanic groups with a singular message in 2020, they learned on November 3 that you can’t make broad assumptions about groups that might seem similar.

We saw firsthand in Florida what happens when campaigns rely on Hispanics as a homogenous voting bloc. Resonate looked deeper — we made zip-code level predictions in both Sumter and Miami-Dade counties that took into account the nuances among Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Hispanic communities. Those predictions were spot on, beating pollsters who incorrectly assumed all Hispanics would vote blue.

We understand that Hispanics across America have nuanced differences depending on background, region, and other holistic human attributes. Targeting at the individual level is necessary to connect with these audiences and inspire the connection necessary to motivate them to support your cause.

Targeting Hispanic Audiences at a Granular Level

Resonate’s rich, human-level insights dive deep into Hispanic segments to break out groups including Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and more. The data shows that these groups, while they have many similarities, also have incredible, granular differences in their values, drivers, behaviors, and media preferences. The messaging that will connect with them — and the channels on which campaigns will reach them — varies from segment to segment.

Nearly 80% of all Hispanic groups indicate family time is the best time of their day.

Consider that Cuban Americans value independence and achievement, while Mexican Americans value tradition and authority. Puerto Ricans, meanwhile look to embrace creativity and live an exciting life. There are different attitudes around Spanish spoken at home among each group. Your campaign needs to keep these values-driven nuances between Hispanic voter segments in mind each time a new ad is developed.

As your campaign looks toward 2021, 2022, and beyond, don’t make the mistake of targeting at too high of a level when developing your multicultural strategy. Download Resonate’s latest report, Understanding the Nuances of Hispanic Voters, today.


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Source: Understanding the Nuances of Hispanic Voters report

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