Did the State of the Union Resonate With Your Voters’ Top Concerns?

President Biden hit on a host of issues in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night. For midterm campaigns throughout the nation, it’s hard to understand what issues discussed in the SOTU are living in the hearts and minds of their local voter audiences. It’s especially challenging to keep a pulse on the 1-3 specific issues that will continually shape 2022 voter sentiment and motivations during an unprecedented and unpredictable media cycle.

At Resonate, our specialty is helping campaigns do just this. It’s what separates us from any other voter research and targeting firm on the market. Instead of using one-off research exercises to analyze voters, like static polling, or relying on activation models built with historic voter file or marketing data, our survey-based, A.I. enhanced models are tracking and can target voters based on their real-time emotions and positions on the most relevant political and policy issues – across all screens, at scale!

As one example of how we can assist campaigns in analyzing and targeting the necessary voters to win, we used our first party data to build critical 2022 midterm voter audiences and analyzed them based on a few issues discussed in the SOTU.

But first, a heads up on upcoming U.S. voter sentiment data on the situation overseas…

To no surprise, the president’s SOTU opening remarks centered on the situation in Ukraine. At Resonate, we anticipated the need for campaigns to be armed with voter analysis and targeting opportunities based on the rapidly unfolding situation overseas. That’s why we engineered our machine learning algorithms to start capturing U.S. voter sentiment around these issues based on how the electorate is behaving online. We’re excited to provide these proprietary insights and targeting attributes to your campaign at scale in upcoming releases this spring.

Ohio got a lotta love — did it rub off?

The president showed Ohio some love in Tuesday’s speech, calling out the massive technological investments being made in the state and Ohio Senator Brown’s new saying, “Don’t call us the Rust Belt”.

However, beyond just the Ohio manufacturing growth and job creation the president cited, a host of other issues he highlighted played right into the hearts and minds of Ohio likely midterm voters.

Check out the chart below. These are all issues that, when compared to the average likely midterm voter in the U.S, Ohio likely midterm voters over index on, meaning they are more passionate and supportive.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, March 2022

Issues like promoting LGBTQ rights, gun control, and developing alternative energy sources are all weighing on the minds of Buckeye State voters, and they were issues the president made a point to address head on.

Interested in targeting Ohio likely midterm voters? Our platform has analyzed and can target 4 million of them online. And we can subsegment them in any way you want to maximize your messaging and spend efficacy.

What about midterm voters in the Sunshine State?

Heading south, likely Florida midterm voters may have been looking for the president to hit on a few other issues that were left out, or wanted him to provide an alternative position than the one he gave.

Today, our platform is identifying 7.2 million voters online in Florida who will likely vote in this year’s midterm. When compared to the average likely U.S. midterm voters, these Florida voters are most concerned about their online privacy and security. They’d also like to see strengthened U.S. foreign policy and defense (Florida campaigns — keep your eyes on this insight as things unfold overseas) and they take a more aggressive stance on controlling illegal immigration, an issue the president lightly danced around.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, March 2022

Biden bipartisanship: Which voters were receptive?

The president made a point to emphasize bipartisanship in his first ever SOTU and for midterm campaigns throughout the nation, it may pay off to understand which voters in your race truly value a candidate’s bipartisanship positioning.

At Resonate, we have identified a national audience of 14.5 million voters who will l likely vote in the midterms who factor in a candidate’s willingness to reach across the aisle when they’re filling out their midterm ballot. Our platform can quickly scale this audience locally to help campaigns target these voters in their region.

Below is a snapshot this national midterm voter audience who truly values — and will make a point to vote for — a bipartisan leader.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, March 2022

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, March 2022

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, March 2022

The above chart represents the biggest fears / threats to U.S. of likely midterm voters who choose candidates based on their ability to compromise / conduct themselves in a bipartisan manner.

All of the above voter audiences, and thousands more niche online voter segments, are available for immediate targeting and analysis. What audiences do you need to reach? Where do you need to build support in advance of your primary or general? Challenge us, Resonate is here to help!



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