DMP Insights Not Cutting It? Level Up Your Consumer Understanding

Your data management platform (DMP) collects the facts. It does a good job of managing those base-level demographics and keeping tabs on how they’re interacting with your brand.

But you need something more.

Resonate can level up your messaging, targeting and audience segmentation by providing a 360-degree, deep understanding of your customers –– even when they’re not with you.

A Deeper Understanding and Rich Insights Reveal High-Value Personalization

Unlock a rich view of your customers, prospects and more than 200 million U.S. adult consumers with the Resonate Ignite Platform. You’ll onboard your own audiences directly from your DMP into the easy-to-use platform and immediately gain the ability to analyze them against tens of thousands of dynamic, real-time insights. Then, build new audiences within the platform and easily export for targeting and activation.

What do these insights include? They go far beyond flat demographics to get at the personal values, psychographics, behaviors and motivations that drive consumers to engage and take action. It’s this human-level understanding and granular customization that leads to higher-value brand engagement and loyalty.

Want to learn more? Download our guide, Level Up Your DMP & Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Audience and Consumers, today.

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