End the Year in the Black: Connect Retailers’ Goals to Your Ad Revenue

Retailers are staring down their holiday goals and stressing over how they’re going to end their year in the black. Early predictions are looking strong, but competition is increasing, and they need to find a surefire way to get in front of their target audience and drive sales.

That’s where you come into play. Media and entertainment companies who use Resonate have a leg up — they can tap into over 14,000 insights on over 230 million U.S. consumers to show retailers exactly where their customers are consuming content and how to reach them. This is the data you need for pre-sale pitches to skyrocket your revenue this holiday season and looking into 2022.

Here’s how it works.

Connect Retail Goals to Your Ad Revenue

Let’s pretend you’re NBC. Your first step: locate retailers’ target holiday audience, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopper, and overlap them with your audience. The Resonate Ignite Platform™ gives you a 360-degree view of the values, behaviors, motivations, and drivers that influence consumer behavior. Flat demographics don’t make purchasing decisions. You need to go deeper to show potential advertisers who their target audience is.

Show Which Retailers are Top of Mind for These Shoppers

You’ve nailed down the audience, but you’re also set up to specifically pitch the brands they’re shopping with — and validate to these brands that you do, in fact, have their customers, and those of their competitors. If you’re making a pitch to an advertiser regarding their holiday shoppers, you can say, “Hey, TJ Maxx, we know that our holiday shopping viewers are 80% more likely to be your shoppers — and they’re also 41% more likely to be your competitor, Kohl’s, shoppers. If you get your ads in front of this audience, you’ll be the one they choose to spend their gifting dollars with.”

Demonstrate Why Holiday Shoppers + Target Advertiser + Your Channel is a Match Made in Sugar Plum Heaven

Next, you’ll show this brand the media report on the target shoppers. We know these holiday shoppers are NBC viewers, but it helps to see that they’re also more likely to watch NBC Sports Network, they subscribe to NBC’s streaming network, Peacock, and they’re more likely to watch TV through a streaming box.

Share the Values That Will Engage and Convert This Audience

We guarantee your competitors aren’t showing potential advertisers this level of deep data on humans. To make a connection and win holiday dollars, you need to make an emotional connection with consumers. Shoppers don’t just purchase based on need — they purchase based on engagement and feeling connected to a brand. If your messaging hits home with them and their feelings around the holidays, you’re more likely to be the brand that makes its way into their cart. For this specific audience, you’ll see that equality and caring are at the top of their personal values. Consider how you can incorporate themes of equality, caring, and nurturing into your holiday ads.

Additionally, if you know that this audience prefers products that are luxurious, sustainable, and fun, that gives you a spin to put on your messaging, creative, and offers.

Bring it All Together in One Surefire Pitch

With all of this holistic, real-time data in hand, you’re ready to put a winning pitch in front of advertisers eager to bring in EOY dollars — and set yourself up to end the year in the black. Want to access these deep consumer insights? Get started today. Request a demo for a personalized look at your audience and your prospective advertisers’ key customers.

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