Featured in Adweek: When It Comes to Women’s Health and Wellness, It’s Time to Get Personal

This article by Resonate CEO, Bryan Gernert was featured in Adweek. Read it in full here.

Women are more than just participants in health and wellness decisions—they are powerhouses, challenging the outdated notion that men are the primary household breadwinners. This calls for a new approach to health and wellness that recognizes and caters to their diverse needs.

To dig deeper into how women, with their growing economic power, perceive and navigate decisions about health and wellness, Resonate initiated a comprehensive study. Starting with its extensive AI-driven dataset, then crafting sophisticated segments using rAI, a proprietary AI neural network, Resonate then teamed up with Butler/Till, a women-owned-and-led agency, to conduct a thorough investigation into the modern woman’s role as a healthcare consumer and decision-maker.

Personalization and empowerment

The resulting study, “Mosaic of Women’s Whole Health,” uncovered a diverse audience of women spanning five core personas: Family-Centered Professionals, Home Harmonizers, Joyful Explorers, Empowered Creators and Wellness Navigators. These segments cut across generations, incomes and lifestyles, showcasing the rich tapestry of women’s experiences.

Yet, beneath this diversity lies a common thread—despite their economic influence, women often feel like the medical establishment and their healthcare providers aren’t giving them the attention they deserve.

This disconnect is fueled in part by the increasing financial power women wield and, in part, by the intricate web of modern family structures they manage. As women take on more control over their health, they want more than just routine check-ups. They want the ability to monitor, personalize and optimize medical care, not just for themselves but also for aging parents, children and even grandchildren. It’s a call for a more personalized and holistic approach to healthcare that acknowledges the nuanced needs of women across various life stages.

This study doesn’t just highlight a need; it’s a golden opportunity for brands to step up their game. As women redefine their roles in society and the economy, brands must evolve alongside them. It’s about creating a future where women don’t just access healthcare but feel seen, heard and empowered in their decisions about it.

AI as the ultimate ally

Enter artificial intelligence (AI). By tapping into its vast sea of data, AI becomes the ultimate ally in understanding what makes women tick when it comes to their health. The beauty of AI lies in its ability to dissect granular details, offering personalized health recommendations that cater to individual needs and life stages. No more one-size-fits-all—it’s about ensuring women receive care that addresses their specific concerns, whether it’s related to reproductive health or the challenges that come with aging.

In essence, AI isn’t just a tech tool; it’s a game-changer in advancing women’s healthcare. It’s the key to unlocking unprecedented insights and making way for interventions that are tailored to each woman’s unique journey towards improved overall well-being. So, here’s to AI, paving the way for a future where women don’t just navigate healthcare; they thrive in it.

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