Featured in Campaigns & Elections: COVID-19 Impacting Voter Values

Featured in Campaigns & Elections: COVID-19 Impacting Voter Values

COVID-19 is Impacting Voter Values. How Will That Play Out at the Polls?

Resonate appeared on the Campaigns & Elections website to discuss the evolution of values throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Read the entire article here.

Voter values are shifting like never before. Values that were once thought to stay stable throughout a lifetime are now increasing rapidly, particularly around community-centric pillars and those that focus on relationships with others.

We’ve seen these values increase by as much as 22% in recent months.

  • Security: safety in community and nation
  • Safety: safety in self and family
  • Duty: obeying laws and fulfilling obligations
  • Caring: caring for family and friends
  • Dependability: being reliable and trustworthy

Featured in Campaigns & Elections: COVID-19 Impacting Voter Values

But, how will this shift in values towards a community-centric mindset affect voting behavior? We’ve seen in early results that voters have increased support for those programs and policies that help the larger community, including enhancing unemployment coverage and expanding social safety net programs.

Resonate is closely tracking real-time data as well as actively collecting and analyzing survey results to measure the values, opinions, and motivations of U.S. voters to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s next. As current events continue to shape the values of Americans, we will continue to analyze how those could relate to campaigns, voting and more in 2020.

Read the entire article in Campaigns & Elections here.

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