Featured in Digital Commerce 360: Unique Characteristics of the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Consumer

Buy Now, Pay Later customers are the darling of the retail world right now. They offer retailers an opportunity to reach audiences and build revenue streams with those customers who could be new to their brand and just starting out in the world as adult consumers.

In this Digital Commerce 360 article using Resonate data, you’ll learn what drives Buy Now, Pay Later customers to take advantage of platforms like Afterpay and Affirm, and how realtors can connect with consumer values to build retention. The initial sale is only the first step — retaining them as a customer is critical, particularly as they mature as a consumer and, hopefully, begin to see more disposable income driving their purchases.

As the article says, “While the BNPL customer might not have a lot of disposable income, they’re also young. They’re still getting started from a career and financial standpoint, and they’re coping with a once-in-a-lifetime global event that—quite understandably—has upended income and budgets for a huge portion of the population.”

You’ll also get insights into their media diet and how to reach them, which is key information whether you’re a retailer or a Buy Now, Pay Later platform.

Want to learn more? Read the article, Unique Characteristics of the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Consumer, in Digital Commerce 360 today.

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