Featured in Digital Insurance: How to Sell Auto Insurance Post-Pandemic

Auto insurance marketers are in a tough spot right now. Policyholders are driving less during the pandemic and auto insurers have spent the past year turning to credits, refunds, and more to retain customers.

But what happens next? How can auto insurance marketers connect with policyholders who may be reevaluating their utilization of their policy and whether they’re getting the most out of their current provider?

Resonate Taps Into the Values That Drive Policyholders

Resonate’s Ignite Platform™ empowers auto insurance marketers to tap into the values, motivations and purchase drivers of over 200 million U.S. consumers, plus who their current provider is and whether they’re in the market to switch.

In this article in Digital Insurance, Shiva Sharif, Executive Director, Insights & Activation Solutions, analyzed the current attitudes and behaviors of policyholders at Allstate, Geico and State Farm, particularly as they relate to today’s unique pandemic-driven climate.

“Our analysis found that 63 percent of these auto policyholders look for products that are dependable and cost-effective, and 75 percent say that price is their primary purchase driver. These policyholders’ daily decisions are primarily driven by their personal values of duty, security and safety.”

By speaking to this granular, real-time understanding of consumers, auto insurance marketers can be on the cutting edge of where policyholders are headed next and what matters to them today. Read the article in Digital Insurance here.

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